Comic delivery: Josie Long and Jonny Donahoe on having a baby
Just a month before their first child is due, the standup couple are doing a show together – seeking the audience’s parenting tips“It’s mad,” says Josie Long, “but it feels like the right thing to do.” Braving the blustery weather at a pavement cafe near the... [Read More]
I was a dad at 17, now I’m a grandad at 40 – it saved my life
Gary Meikle has forged a career in standup after finding inspiration from his life as a single dad. He also tried material about being a grandad, but audiences didn’t believe he was old enough to be oneWhen Gary Meikle was 17, he had sex in a cupboard at a party with a girl he barely knew... [Read More]
Why I wrote a comedy show about incontinence | Elaine Miller
As a physiotherapist, I know a third of women don’t have reliable body control. I wanted to raise awareness of this taboo subject at Edinburgh festivalI’m a physiotherapist, and as a fresh-faced graduate, my ambition was to work in elite sports. I did it, too, thriving on team spirit, tr... [Read More]