Read a Beautiful Eulogy for Harris Wittels by His Sister Stephanie
by Megh Wright It's been nearly two weeks since writer and comedian Harris Wittels tragically died at the age of 30, and since then there's been an outpouring of remembrance from fans and fellow comics who loved Harris for his many comedy contributions. Yesterday, Harris' sister Stephanie Wittels Wa... [Read More]
Josh Reads Some Girlfriend Rejection Letters on 'Man Seeking Woman'
by Megh Wright The recently renewed Man Seeking Woman returns to FXX night, and this time Josh (Jay Baruchel) has a pile of rejection letters to open from all the girls around the country he "applied" to recently. Watch the rest of the episode on FXX tonight at 10:30pm. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Jim Gaffigan Plays a Congolese Warlord in the Latest Episode of Colin Quinn's 'Cop Show'
by Megh Wright Here's the latest episode of Colin Quinn's web series Cop Show with special guest Jim Gaffigan, who is about as reluctant to perform his Cop Show role as a Congolese drug warlord (tasked with a bunch of product integration, no less) as hipster drug ring leader Amy Schumer was last wee... [Read More]
People on the street sing Louie’s theme song for season 4
Real talk time. On more than one occasion we’ve found ourselves singing the theme song to Louie quite often so when we saw this video we thought of ourselves, hard. The next season of the Louis C.K.’s award winning TV show debuts on FX April 9th. To celebrate, someone in marketing reache... [Read More]
Here's the Writing Staff of 'The Late Late Show with James Corden'
by Megh Wright The Late Late Show with James Corden makes its CBS debut on Monday, March 23rd, and Corden and his staff are hard at work prepping the show for its big premiere. Tosh.0 co-creator Mike Gibbons will serve as co-executive producer as well as head writer, and the writing staff currently ... [Read More]
This Week in Web Videos: 'Self Conscious Workout'
by Luke Kelly-Clyne "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." For some, it's an adage to live by. For Self Conscious Workout creators Rachel Laforest and Greg Stees, it's anathema — a creative roadblock that they're dedicated to rising above on their almost masochistic quest to challenge and reinvent... [Read More]
Vanessa Bayer Barely Survives a Post Office Visit on 'Portlandia'
by Megh Wright Here's a sneak peek of tomorrow night's Portlandia featuring SNL's Vanessa Bayer, whose trip to the post office transforms from a casual package pickup to a horrific descent into the dark, secret place where packages are held hostage. Catch the rest of the episode on IFC tomorrow nigh... [Read More]
Trevor Moore of Whitest Kids U’ Know’s video for Ballad of Billy John is deft commentary of Internet and how horrible we’ve all become. And it’s perfect.
Trevor Moore has been in important player in the world of comedy since the early 2000s thanks to his co-founder status of sketch group The Whitest Kids U’ Know. But since he dropped his first album Drunk Texts To Myself in 2013, the Virginia native has proven himself a skilled songwriter, solo... [Read More]
Paula Poundstone on The Late Late Show
Paula Poundstone is what she'd call an asexual atheist. But she understands that some people think and pray a lot more about sex on a daily basis, particularly her teen-aged son. Poundstone joked about the disparity in her performance on Tuesday's episode of The Late Late Show with guest host Drew C... [Read More]
Justin Willman lands airdate of April 6 for Comedy Central special
Comedy Central will air a special with comedian and magician Justin Willman currently slated for April 6, which will have his return to @midnight as a lead in. The special will be executive produced by Chris Hardwick. The special titled Sleight of Mouth With Justin Willman features sketch comed... [Read More]