IFC Developing Revenge Comedy '101 Ways to Kill Your Ex'
by Megh Wright IFC has a brand new comedy in the works. According to Deadline, writing partners Erin Simon and Kim Karp have sold a half-hour single-cam spec to the network called 101 Ways to Kill Your Ex, which centers on a woman and man who "team up to exact down and dirty revenge on the lovers w... [Read More]
Here's the First Trailer for 'Absolutely Anything' Starring Simon Pegg, Robin Williams, Monty Python, and More
by Megh Wright Get ready for the Bruce Almighty of 2015, because the first trailer for Absolutely Anything has arrived. Starring Simon Pegg, Robin Williams as a talking dog, and the Monty Python gang as a group of aliens who put the fate of Earth in one man's hands, the film was co-written and direc... [Read More]
This Week on TV: A David Letterman farewell special on CBS
Howard Stern will be among the many who turn up Monday night as part of CBS’ early goodbye to David Letterman. The special is called David Letterman – A Life On Television and will be hosted by longtime Letterman pal, Ray Romano. Letterman’s production company World Wide ... [Read More]
'SNL' Review: Pulling Punches with Scarlett Johansson
by Erik Voss SNL may have lost the revolutionary spirit fans claim it embraced in the 1970s, but this season has proven the show can still pack a punch of satire when it wants to. From a father tearfully handing off his teenage daughter to ISIS, to a Fault in our Stars parody that infected... [Read More]
John Oliver Explains Why Standardized Testing Is Bad for Everyone
by Megh Wright Last night's Last Week Tonight took a closer look at No Child Left Behind, Common Core, and the last decade of standardized testing in the US, which hasn't helped students and teachers as much as it's helped Pearson Education, which John Oliver says is "the educational equivalent of T... [Read More]
Steve Martin Visits David Letterman at 'Late Show' One Last Time
by Megh Wright Here's a clip from Steve Martin's final Late Show visit on Friday, where he and Dave talk about his upcoming retirement as well as a new musical Martin's currently waiting to bring to Broadway. Martin also presented Letterman with some retirement gifts before his last show on May 20th... [Read More]
Full Time Magic
Nate Bargatze is awesome.  Seriously awesome.  And he has a new album out called “Full Time Magic,” released by Comedy Central Records.  Are you still reading this?  Just go buy it.  You won’t regret it.For those of you still here, let me get one “war... [Read More]
When You Gonna Be A Dentist?
There is not a single weak moment on Alex Wood's When You Gonna Be A Dentist? the comic's self-release MP3 album. The young comic, he is in his late twenties, really knows what he is doing on stage and leaves you wanting more, soon. Biographical material is only as interesting ... [Read More]
Inside Amy Schumer Seasons 1 and 2
There is no way you can't enyoy Inside Amy Schumer Seasons 1 and 2. This Comedy Central show features many different segments, a definite taste for the raunchy, a great and very talented star, and some excellent and original writing. I am not a big fan of skit comedy but ... [Read More]
With such renowned thespians as Ron Jeremy (Terms of Endowment, 21 Hump Street) and Dustin Diamond (the original Chia head model and Screech in Saved by the Bell) and leads that do not have their picture on IMDB, you know Tetherball has to be something just too weird not to ... [Read More]