Women in Comedy class photo 2016, Mindy Tucker does it again
There’s a reason that almost every photo hailing from the comedy community these days are taken by the one and only Mindy Tucker. She’s special. She gets it. She has the eye. And this past weekend in Littlefield, Brooklyn was no different. A reported 200+ women gathered for the Women In ... [Read More]
Inside This Weekend’s Huge “Women in Comedy” Photo Shoot
“All right, everyone. Lean in!” This past Saturday, in Brooklyn, around 300 women gathered together at Littlefield for a photo opportunity reminiscent of class picture day, but with one major difference: everyone in this photo would be a comedian, or a part of New York City’s comed... [Read More]
These 26 Female Comedians Would Gladly Accept a Late Night Hosting Job
From the Late Show and Daily Show writing staffs to Vanity Fair’s recent cover story on why late night is currently “better than ever” despite its total lack of female hosts, gender equality has been a hot late night issue in the past month. To that end, Vulture recently reached ou... [Read More]
Women’s Progress in Primetime TV Has Stalled Since the 2000s, According to Study
Another year means another “Boxed In” study by San Diego State’s Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film, and like last year’s findings, 2015 is yet another year that’s not looking so great for women. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the annual analysis... [Read More]
Nell Scovell on Women in Television: “We Need to Change the Odds So More Women Can Be Successful”
In the wake of the news that just 2 out of The Late Show’s 19 staff writers are women despite Stephen Colbert’s promise to “lean in,” longtime show creator, writer, and producer Nell Scovell — who wrote for Late Night with David Letterman and currently serves as a co-ex... [Read More]
Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda Fans Start a Petition for Gender Pay Equality on ‘Grace and Frankie’
The debut season of Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda’s wonderful new Netflix comedy Grace and Frankie premiered on the streaming network last month, and not long after revealing that they were making the same amount of money as their male supporting costars Martin Sheen and Sam W... [Read More]
Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Ellie Kemper Comment on Late Night’s Lack of Women
The Hollywood Reporter recently sat down for a roundtable interview with some of today’s top comedy actresses to chat about everything from Hollywood sexism to Hillary Clinton to the price of fame, and when asked about late night’s glaring lack of women hosts, Amy Schumer, Unbreakable Ki... [Read More]
Study Confirms That Primetime TV Is Getting Tougher for Women
by Megh Wright San Diego State's Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film recently released the results of their 17th annual "Boxed In" study, which analyzes how many women are working behind and in front of the camera in the entertainment world. In the primetime television sphere, women... [Read More]