9 things you never saw or only heard Will Ferrell do
With Will Ferrell’s latest movie Get Hard hitting theaters this weekend, we thought it would be fun to share some Ferrell rarities. Over the years, the Saturday Night Live alum has made some unexpected appearances and done some pretty random things. Some that we’ve never been able to see... [Read More]
Will Ferrell Is Tired of Answering Personal Questions About His Bird
by Megh Wright Here's a clip from Will Ferrell's visit to last night's Conan, where O'Brien overwhelms him with tons of personal, invasive questions about Professor Feathers, who is already uncomfortable with being forced to be on national television. It's really unfortunate that even a seasoned tal... [Read More]
Will Ferrell Let His Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Go to His Head
by Megh Wright Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell were guests on last night's Late Late Show, and after James Corden congratulated Ferrell for his recent Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony Ferrell responded with what he learned from the experience: "The one thing I thought of is as I looked out — I... [Read More]
Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart Address 'Get Hard' Critical Backlash: "Funny Is Funny"
by Megh Wright "If you’re disturbed by white-collar crime, but not quite as disturbed as you are by gay sex, then congratulations: You might possess just the right combo of social conscience and unexamined homophobia needed to fully enjoy Get Hard." That's the opening line from Variety's revie... [Read More]
Will Ferrell honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Will Ferrell was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday, as the 2,547th star in the category of motion pictures. Family, friends and hundreds of fans came to the ceremony to celebrate with the Golden Globe-nominated actor and comedian. “It goes with saying that ... [Read More]
Will Ferrell: Down with fraternities and Greek life!
Question: What do fraternity brothers love more than crushing aluminum cans on their foreheads and shoving pine cones up new pledges’ rectums? Answer: A very good guess would be Will Ferrell movies. After all, it’s hard to forget Ferrell’s hilariously sloppy, scene-stealing perform... [Read More]
Will Ferrell Advises Jon Stewart to Leave 'The Daily Show' as Soon as Possible
by Megh Wright To promote his new film Get Hard, Will Ferrell visited last night's Daily Show (wearing an amazing Zach Galifianakis shirt) and was brutally honest with Jon Stewart about his decision to leave the show: "I just want to address the fact that you had the guts to look at yourself in the ... [Read More]
Where to buy those Zach Galifianakis and Bill Murray shirts, as worn by Will Ferrell and Jimmy Kimmel’s family
Bill Murray and Will Ferrell are two funny men too funny for Twitter -- and don't you dare support those joke thieves who continue to cybersquat on their Twitter presences, because they're frauds. Suffice it to say, you won't see Murray or Ferrell promoting their fashion senses on Twitter. But you c... [Read More]
Will Ferrell Makes the Perfect Little Debbie Snack Cakes Spokesman
by Megh Wright The only thing better than Will Ferrell continuing his St. Patrick's Day tradition of dressing up as a leprechaun is his appearance on last night's Tonight Show, which he dedicated completely to Little Debbie snack cakes. It's equal parts adorable, disturbing, and delicious. Watch ano... [Read More]
Will Ferrell Brings Some Harry Caray to 'Late Show'
by Megh Wright Wearing his traditional St. Patrick's Day garb, Will Ferrell stopped by last night's Late Show to talk about his recent MLB charity event and did his classic Harry Caray impression by request. Watch more from Ferrell's interview below: 0 Comments... [Read More]