Benjamin Apple Is the Best Bad Doctor
The bad doctor trope is one we’ve seen in TV and movies for decades. Airplane, Family Guy, SNL (Will Ferrell’s “…quick call to Beverly”), the list goes on…and on. But have we seen it on the web? Probably, yes. Probably an equally large number of times.... [Read More]
Outdated and Outstanding: A Perfect Video From 2014
We rarely do this: cover something that’s not “of the moment” — and I’m not sure this week’s feature could be any less of the moment. In fact, at three years old, this video is ancient. It’s also so funny and, upon showing it to a friend earlier this we... [Read More]
Celebrating Ten Years of Funny or Die with CEO Mike Farah
You’ve probably heard by now that Funny or Die is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The comedy behemoth founded by Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, and Chris Henchy has come a long way since putting out its initial viral video, “The Landlord.” This internet sensation emphaticall... [Read More]
Matt Barats Knows: Only Improv Matters
Lots of people love improv. Understandably. It’s fun and–when done right, with trusted teammates–freeing. Still, here’s the thing about improv that lots of people who do it don’t quite understand: it’s actually not the most important thing in the world. This ... [Read More]
Breaking: Brad Howe and Mike Cullen Have Shticks
Welcome back to our crisp internet pages, Brad Howe and Mike Cullen! Now that my Twitter replies saying these videos would be featured have brought you here, I’d like to congratulate you both on your respective shticks. In a world where nothing is certain and insecurity rages like th... [Read More]
Found: Female Filmmakers’ Fun Films
Some say “the future is female.” Wait, before I get into this, I have to apologize for the title of this piece. Apology accepted? Cool. Okay, let me start over. Some say “the future is female.” After watching this week’s featured videos, I’d have to agree. No... [Read More]
Two Unearthed Videos: Robert Smigel’s ‘All You Can Eat and the Temple of Doom’ and Mindy Kaling’s ‘Matt & Ben’
Recently, a YouTube account named Robot Pilot unearthed two great clips of shows by Mindy Kaling and Robert Smigel, and they’re a perfectly entertaining, “before they were stars”-style way to start your week. The above highlight reel is from the ‘80s Chicago revue Smigel wrot... [Read More]
A Horrifying Parody Series That May Be True
Today, Splitsider has the dubious honor of premiering the third and most recent episode of Modern Aliens: A Documentary Periodical, written and directed by Jordan Jaffe and a harbinger of worldwide doom. Utilizing a clever method of packaging comedy and news i... [Read More]
A Day Late, But Worth It: Your Fireworks Explanation Video
Sketch group Cannibal Milkshake may’ve cracked the fireworks conundrum for we critics of lights in the night sky. As a man who’s unimpressed with fireworks, Jeff Ayars gives us voiced-over insight into the secret, ‘grammable allure of these impossibly annoying colorful gu... [Read More]
Here Are Two Vastly Different, Similarly Fun Videos
What do Jared Kushner and a trio of Greasers have in common? Yes, loved ones who obsessively groom their ridiculous hair but also: this week’s column! We’ve highlighted two contributions that don’t seem to share much DNA at surface level. Upon digging a little d... [Read More]