The Good, the Bad, and the Deeply Strange: Comedy Central's One-Season Wonders
by Liam Mathews Comedy Central cancels a lot of shows. Enough that Daniel Tosh was able to shout one out in every episode of the first five seasons of Tosh.0 (“We’ll be right back with more Michael and Michael Have Issues”). Tosh’s show has thrived, but what about the suppose... [Read More]
David Wain on Wanderlust: Utopian Parody Plays on Fears of a Filmmaker
“You always fantasize about: Could I just pick up and completely do something else?” Mr. Wain said. “Who says you have to go to a job, and who says you have to earn money? Who says you have to have a bathroom with a door? All these things are societal assumptions, and how far can you go with that?” [Read More]
The red band trailer for Wanderlust is here with proof of Joe Lo Truglio’s nice ass
If you want to know all you need to know about David Wain and Ken Marin’s upcoming flick, Wanderlust, starring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston, go here. If you just want to watch the red band trailer, stop reading and watch it. Awesome. –... [Read More]
Paul Rudd plans on pumping Malin Akerman with his gonads (Video)
David Wain and Ken Marin’s Wanderlust hits theaters Feb. 24, but there’s been no shortage of online previews. The latest finds Paul Rudd’s character attempting to seduce Malin Akerman’s character. As you might expect, things d... [Read More]
Paul Rudd poses with half naked Jennifer Aniston to promote Wanderlust
In their March issue, GQ — blessed with the ability to get funny females to drop their clothes — a fully-suited Paul Rudd and a half naked Jennifer Aniston grace the men’s magazine pages. The comedic duo are promoting Wanderlust, th... [Read More]
Watch Paul Rudd get schooled by Justin Theroux in David Wain’s ‘Wanderlust’
David Wain and Ken Marino’s latest flick — starring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston — Wanderlust hits theaters Feb. 24; and we’ve been anxiously awaiting its arrival for months. You may have already seen the official trailer, b... [Read More]