Hari Kondabolu’s final solution for the NFL’s team in Washington to be more accurate Redskins
Want the debate over the racist Washington Redskins name and logo to end peacefully? So does everybody else! Hari Kondabolu has an intriguing solution. Keep the name. Change the logo to make the name accurate. Thank Brian McCann for undergoing the sunburn, and Upworthy for uploading the video. Now i... [Read More]
Aparna Nancherla to Audience Members Who Record Shows: "Don't Be a Jerk"
by Megh Wright Comedian and current host of weekly New York standup show Whiplash Aparna Nancherla wrote an interesting blog post today about last night's show, which featured a surprise performance by Chris Rock that quickly turned sour after several audience members started recording his set on th... [Read More]
Leslie Jones added to the cast of “Saturday Night Live” as featured player
In a move that has seemed more and more obvious with each passing week. Lorne Michaels has called Saturday Night Live writer and stand-up comedian Leslie Jones as a featured cast member. She will begin her run with this week’s episode, which is hosted by Jim Carrey. Jones has been a writer for... [Read More]
What's on TV This Week: Jim Carrey Returns to 'SNL'
by Stephanie Simon The week starts off with the second season premiere of The Millers tonight on CBS, and while many shows are on hiatus there's still plenty of must-sees. From new series like Marry Me and Selfie to favorites like Modern Family the week has something new in store ever... [Read More]
‘Last Week Tonight’ creates an all-dog Supreme Court
John Oliver returned with Last Week Tonight this Sunday on HBO. While the Supreme Court doesn’t allow cameras into the court room, they do provide audio from their proceedings for the media to use. The problem is is that these audio clips with no good visuals are just too boring. Enter Oliver.... [Read More]
Jim Gaffigan
Even the casual Jim Gaffigan fan knows the man thinks a lot about food. One of his earliest chunks to break through was about Hot Pockets, and people still sing the jingle to him in airports. He’s the definitive comic voice when it comes to bacon. He named his 2004 CD The Last Supper, and was ... [Read More]
'Last Week Tonight' Created an All-Animal Supreme Court Reenactment Tool Kit
by Megh Wright During last night's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver and crew created a solution for the longstanding rule against cameras in the Supreme Court by making an impressive 10-minute clip of an all-animal Court without audio. Check out the full clip below, then sync it up with your favorite ... [Read More]
This Week in Comedy: 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' and 'The Birthday Boys' Return
by Stephanie Simon -We took a look at the TV networks’ comedy depth charts; we examined which network offers the most in quantity, which offer the most in quality, and who’s taking the biggest risks. -We talked with Dane Cook about his standup evolution, joke theft allegations, and the &... [Read More]
Watch Dave Chappelle Do a Four-Hour Standup Set in 2009
by Megh Wright NYC comedy club Comic Strip Live has been posting a ton of vintage standup clips lately (see Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, and Jerry Seinfeld), and today they added a new clip that's a gold mine for Dave Chappelle fans — nearly four full hours of him doing standup and riffing wi... [Read More]
Get to know Freestyle Love Supreme before they premiere their new Pivot TV series
Freestyle Love Supreme has been racking up individual accolades over the past several years, from Tony and Grammy Awards (In The Heights) to reviving The Electric Company for PBS, to an Emmy (collaborating with Will.I.Am) and multiple other nominations for their stage and screen work. But tonight, y... [Read More]