Host of Got UR # on Fuse Timothy Dunn : The Laugh Button interview
Timothy Dunn is a New York City-based comedy-maker. A Northwestern University grad, Tim moved to New York from his native Chicago and was thrilled to join the company of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in January 2008. He’s been an actor on three house sketch comedy teams (Maude Teams), a... [Read More]
Poehler, Besser, Roberts, and Walsh Look Back on the Early Days of UCB
To celebrate UCB’s 25th anniversary and annual Del Close Marathon this weekend, founders Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh appeared on the Today show this morning to look back on UCB’s evolution. The four cover everything from their “legit poor days” to ge... [Read More]
Fusion Is Teaming Up with UCB for New Digital Comedy Studio F-Comedy
Fusion wants to make some digital comedy with the help of YouTube, the Upright Citizens Brigade, and more through the launch of a new studio called F-Comedy. The network announced in a press release today that they’ve teamed up with multiple venues to launch F-Comedy, which will seek out both ... [Read More]
UCB1’s Matt Fisher Attempts to Find Trust (and Free Ice Cream) from Total Strangers
Here’s a new video from UCB1 that poses a simple enough question: Will unsuspecting strangers trust Matt Fisher enough to let him try their ice cream? Personally I disagree with the idea that distrust of others and not wanting to share an expensive ice cream cone with a stranger are always lin... [Read More]
Getting Animated with Rob Huebel
by Ian Goldstein It’s not often that an actor gets the opportunity to voice a character created by a five-year-old. Rob Huebel currently plays Grey Diamond, the naïve and optimistic sidekick to Axe Cop on the show of the same name. Axe Cop is unique in its origin; it was originally a comi... [Read More]
Frank Garcia-Hejl presents “Oh No!”
That Frank Garcia-Hejl is showcasing his characters and impersonations to audiences of hundreds on weeknights in a basement, instead of to millions live on Saturday nights, really owes more to happenstance and turns of fate. For now. Watching Garcia-Hejl's current one-man show, "OH NO!", at the Upri... [Read More]
The 2015 Del Close Marathon line-up announced including Amy Poehler, Broad City and Adam Pally
The 17th annual Del Close Marathon weekend kicks off with a press conference at 4:00p on Friday, June 26th at the UCB Theatre’, Chelsea location, hosted by UCB co-founders Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, and Matt Besser and will continue that evening and non-stop through the weekend endin... [Read More]
Fuse set to premiere Got UR # May 19 hosted by comedian Timothy Dunn
Fuse has unveiled their new hour-long themed music video countdown series, Got Ur #, starting May 19. The weekly series will be hosted by comedian Timothy Dunn. Got Ur # will hit the streets to link up with the artists and conversations viewers are following as the show counts down the vid... [Read More]
The 17th Annual Del Close Marathon's Schedule Is Out
by Adam Frucci The Del Close Marathon is the annual weekend of improv comedy, beer, and sweatiness that the UCB Theatre throws every year. This year marks the 17th iteration, and it looks like it'll be the biggest one yet, with three straight days of non-stop performances spread out across eight dif... [Read More]