Alyssa Limperis knows what your mom will tell you this Mother’s Day (and every other day, too)
All of us have a mom, and if you’re lucky to still talk to yours this Mother’s Day, then Alyssa Limperis knows what she’ll tell you. Limperis, a sketch performer with Maude team The Gift at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City, and one of two head comedy writers and comedi... [Read More]
Chris Gethard on the importance of interacting with fans of The Chris Gethard Show
The Chris Gethard Show prides itself on having as much loyalty to its fans as the fans do to the show. On last week’s live broadcast on truTV, Gethard locked himself in a clear box for a stunt in which guest Matt Walsh (Veep) had to convince fans to answer revealing questions via phone and [&h... [Read More]
Starz has acquired several former Seeso series and specials
Good news for fans of Seeso programming! Starz, a cable channel/network still in operation and continuing into the foreseeable future, has acquired several series and specials launched during the brief era of Seeso, NBCUniversal’s short-lived hope for a comedy streaming platform. We already kn... [Read More]
UCB and Nerdist will showcase comedy talent for new series on Nerdist-owned Alpha
The Upright Citizens Brigade will produce 10 weekly hours of fresh comedy for Nerdist and its Alpha streaming network. The UCB’s Don’t Think Productions will make the as-yet untitled series, which will include sketch comedy and other short-form pieces — similar, perhaps to The UCB ... [Read More]
A Comedian Is Suing UCB for “Reverse Gender Discrimination” After Getting Banned Over Rape Allegations
Back in August 2016, New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade theaters banned a comedian after multiple women came forward with rape allegations against him, and now he’s suing UCB over what he claims is “reverse gender discrimination.” According to the New York Post, Aaron G... [Read More]
See ‘See Something, Say Something’
Occasionally, we’ll feature live performances-cum-web videos (best not to Google that phrase), and this week is one of those times. See Something, Say Something somehow translates palpable energy in the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre’s new Hell’s Kitchen home to video.&... [Read More]
Is It Time for UCB to Start Paying Performers?
Performing improv or standup on a UCB stage might be fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s not labor worthy of payment — especially when you’re performing in front of an audience who paid money to be there, and the tech in charge of the lights shining down on you is getting paid mo... [Read More]
Talking Funny or Die and ‘Not Quite a Genius’ with Nate Dern
From humble beginnings as a participant in season 3 of The CW’s Beauty and the Geek to becoming the artistic director of UCB’s New York theater to his current position as senior writer at Funny or Die, Nate Dern has had quite the media journey. As a writer, his work has appeared in McSwe... [Read More]
Episode #181: Colton Dunn
Colton Dunn began performing improv comedy while still a teenager in St. Paul, Minnesota. Dunn moved to New York City just in time to join the upstart Upright Citizens Brigade, then went to Amsterdam to perform with Boom Chicago. When he returned to the U.S., Dunn wrote and performed on MADtv, Prete... [Read More]
Inside the Weird but Wonderful World of Comedy Wrestling
If you have ever found yourself at the UCB Theatre in Chelsea at 11:00pm on a Thursday night, you’ve probably witnessed a comedy wrestling match. Since 2006, Upright Citizens Brigade Wrestling, or the UCBW, has nestled these campy and over-the-top comedy wrestling matches between two competing... [Read More]