@LeahTiscione on Joke Tweets that Get Serious Replies
Leah Tiscione is a graphic artist from New York but lives everywhere because her job is remote and Airbnb is great. She’s currently illustrating Dino Stamatopoulos’ upcoming musical graphic novel, TRENT, an excerpt of which is available here. This week I spoke with Tiscione about three o... [Read More]
@YungCostanza on Twitter and Forming Relationships Online
Yung Costanza is an aspiring former attorney living in his hometown of Brooklyn. He’s a columnist for Mask Magazine and his other writing has been featured in Vice and Noisey. This week I spoke with Yung Costanza about three of his favorite tweets, plus keeping personal updates entertaining, f... [Read More]
@ViaDear on Finding Her Corner of Twitter
Via Buksbazen, or Via Bia, is a DC-based screenwriter, script consultant, and essayist. She is a Fellow of the 2015 Stowe Story Labs and the 2015 Latino Screenwriting Project, sponsored by CineFestival and Sundance, and her feature-length magical realist script, The Radish Baby, is a current finalis... [Read More]
@CaseyJEllison on Regional Accents and the Zen of Twitter
Casey Jane Ellison is a Los Angeles-based stand-up comedian, writer, and multimedia artist. She has starred in several web series including Ovation’s Touching The Art and VFILES’ What The F*shion and Status Update. Most recently she wrote, directed, and stars in The Right & Left Brai... [Read More]
Calvin, Hobbes, Twitter, and Copyright
There is a battle going on between good and evil — right at the nexus between art and commerce, between the old way and the new, between Minions memes and classic philosophy. It is taking place smack in the middle of the untamed Wild West of online copyright law, right on the main drag of [&he... [Read More]
@SafyHallanFarah on the Moon, Making Friends Online, and the Goodness of Tweets
Safy-Hallan Farah is a Minneapolis-based writer. She is moving to New York City and has a forthcoming collection of essays called No New Friends. This week Farah spoke with me about three of her favorite tweets, plus astrology, making friends online, and how value can get misplaced on Twitter. tbh i... [Read More]
@IAmChrisScott on Twitter, Turkey Trots, and Trucks
Chris Scott is your friend. He lives, works, writes, gardens, kayaks, and bakes pies in Boston, Massachusetts. He grew up in Illinois and has never shared a flight with Emmy award winner Edie Falco. He reviews movies he hasn’t actually seen, and he sometimes pretends to be the kid from Jurassi... [Read More]
Chris Hardwick and Some ‘@midnight’ Friends Are Currently Having a #MobyDickathon
This weekend marks the anniversary of the publication of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, and to celebrate, Chris Hardwick and the team at @midnight have decided to do something a little different: #MobyDickathon. Hardwick and some of his comedian friends are currently reading the novel in its ent... [Read More]
Naomi Skwarna (@awomanskwarned) on Lifestyle Tweeters and Imagined Value Shifts
Naomi Skwarna is a writer and artist living in Toronto. She has written for Hazlitt, The Hairpin, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Life, The National Post, The Believer, and others. Her first play will be produced next month with the Toronto company Theatrefront. This week Skwarna shared her thoughts on ... [Read More]
Talking to @SarahJoyShockey About Twitter Arguments and Tornados
Sarah Shockey is a writer, performer, and maker of little drawings in Chicago. She created and performs a one-woman show called Red: The Musical and is a commentator with Resistance Pro Wrestling. She has written several screenplays and is the creator of an unauthorized Heinz mascot Chuppy, and his ... [Read More]