Shane Murphy (@Shanehasabeard) on Relatable Comedy and His Stupidest Inspiration For a Tweet
by Jenny Nelson Shane Murphy is originally from Albuquerque, NM, and now lives in Austin, Texas, where he stays at home with his four kids, ages 3-8, while he works on his degree to become a teacher. You can find Murphy on Twitter, where he writes about his real life and more under the handle @Shane... [Read More]
Ricky Gervais vs Rebecca Francis: Comedian calls out hunter for posing next to giraffe she killed
Comedian Ricky Gervais is hilarious on television, in films and on stage. But when it comes to social media, he has found a greater use for online tools like Facebook and Twitter: to bring awareness to the mistreatment of wild animals. On April 13, the Derek creator and star star re-tweeted a p... [Read More]
Talking to @AllegraRingo About Dogs, Dates, and 'Reading Rainbow'
by Jenny Nelson Allegra Ringo lives in LA, where she writes for VICE and CollegeHumor as well as her Maude team at the UCB Theatre. She spends most of her free time hanging out with her dog Pistachio and yelling about the patriarchy. Recently, I asked Ringo for some behind-the-scenes information abo... [Read More]
Russell Peters calls Trevor Noah a joke thief (Video)
For the time being it seemed Trevor Noah, the newly appointed host of The Daily Show, had survived the onslaught from the Twitter police, who mercilessly chided the South African comedian for jokes tweeted as far back as 2009, some of which were deemed sexist and racist. Now Trevor Noah is facing an... [Read More]
Grace Spelman (@gspels) on Spontaneous Comedy and Remembering Old Tweets
by Jenny Nelson Grace Spelman is a comedian, musician, writer, and improviser currently based in Massachusetts and moving back to New York this summer. Though she has nothing else to promote at the moment, she says to come back in a few months because she plans on having a very different answer. In ... [Read More]
Is This the Most Plagiarized Joke of All Time?
by Casey Gullickson A few years ago I was flipping through Twitter and saw this joke: Those first two guys who thought Superman was a bird or a plane, what were they so excited about? Weeks later I was at an open mic and I heard a comic tell the same joke on stage. I couldn’t figure out why it... [Read More]
Image of Stop ruining Twitter for comedians: You don’t get smart, edgy jokes without sometimes making a mess - Kyle Ayers
Stop ruining Twitter for comedians: You don’t get smart, edgy jokes without sometimes making a mess - Kyle Ayers
Nobody becomes a Louis C.K. or a Chris Rock overnight. It takes trial and error -- in public -- to develop a voice [Read More]
Patton Oswalt’s 53 tweet outrage introduction of The Daily Show’s new host Trevor Noah
Patton Oswalt took to Twitter in a fake outrage tweet storm in support of Trevor Noah, your new host of The Daily Show. If you weren’t already aware, comedian and correspondent for The Daily Show has come under fire in recent days after the announcement came down that he would be succeeding Jo... [Read More]
Talking to Gary Richardson (@garyyesgary) About Writing Jokes and Twitter's Power to Make Something Huge
by Jenny Nelson Gary Richardson is a writer and performer having the time of his life in Brooklyn. He performs live around the city and encourages you to see him do live stuff if you can, but to find his internet stuff if you can't. This week I talked with Richardson about three of his favorite twee... [Read More]
Sarah Silverman rape prevention tips backlash on Twitter is absurd
Another day, another troll-explosion on Twitter. This one, in particular, was aimed at a very public and well-known female figure with the audacity to make jokes or have an opinion. Next thing you know, they’ll be wanting the damn vote. But this time, those who have their panties in a bunch (i... [Read More]