@MorganCline on Twitter, Birthdays, and Sharing Her Artwork Online
Morgan Cline spends her days working in the trenches of Hollywood and her nights dreaming of Zayn. She makes marker art and sculptures, which you can find on her Tumblr. This week I spoke with Cline about three of her favorite tweets, and she shared her thoughts on Raven Symone, sharing art online, ... [Read More]
Patrick Monahan (@pattymo) on Tweeting and Inconsequential Outrage Online
Patrick Monahan is a standup comedian and writer living in Manhattan. He co-produces a show called Bad Karma every first, second and fourth Friday of the month at Karma Lounge in the East Village. On Twitter, Monahan goes by @pattymo, and this week I spoke with him about three of his favorite tweets... [Read More]
Comedy vs. The Fat Jew
The day of reckoning has finally arrived for joke plagiarist Josh Ostrovsky AKA “The Fat Jew.” If you’re not familiar with Ostrovsky, he’s an extremely popular Instagram and Twitter user known for stealing comedians’ work by posting screenshots of their jokes with credi... [Read More]
Instagram Hack "TheFatJewish" blatantly steals photo / joke from comedian Ben Rosen
Josh Ostrovsky ("TheFatJewish" on Instagram and "FatJew" on Twitter) has made a name for himself by posting memes on Instagram. Ben Rosen is a New York City based comedian who also works as a Senior Creative at Buzzfeed. Today, Rosen used a Facebook post to point out that Ostrovsky blatantly stole one of his tweets, cropped out his name and posted it on his Instagram account. Ben Rosen writes, "What's amazing to me is that so many people still revere this guy knowing exactly what he does. N... [Read More]
Danielle Henderson (@knottyyarn) on Her Schedule Overhaul and Talking about Intense Things on Twitter
Danielle Henderson is a writer who’s written about pop culture, race, class, gender, and more for Vulture, Cosmopolitan, The Guardian, and other publications. Henderson is a culture editor at Fusion and a former editor and staff writer for Rookie. She also created the popular website Femi... [Read More]
Twitter finally suspends profiteering joke imposters
This just in! Twitter has ramped up its policing of joke thieves, plagiarists and imposters of famous funny folks. A long-running Chris Rock imposter's account (@ChrisRockOZ): Suspended! A fake Bill Murray? Now just a string of RTs and some private Instagram photos. The @itsWillyFerrell account cont... [Read More]
Kyrell Grant (@imbobswaget) Talks Pop Culture She Loves and Hates, Plus Polling People On Twitter
Kyrell Grant is a freelance writer for hire located in Toronto. On Twitter, you can find her under the name black frances ha, or @imbobswaget. This week Grant talked to me about three of her favorite tweets, engaging people on Twitter, and what’s awful about the movie Save The Last Dance. save... [Read More]
The growing pains of cracking down on Twitter joke thieves
The only sure things are death, taxes and schmucks will try to profit by stealing your jokes. At least my online friends at Death and Taxes are making an effort at countering the joke-stealing schmucks. On Tuesday, Death and Taxes took to Wikipedia to make certain everyone knows that Josh Ostrosky, ... [Read More]
Twitter is beginning to crack down on stolen jokes
Joke thievery in the internet age is not particularly a new concept, though still highly annoying. Just ask someone like Patton Oswalt. Back in May, comedian and writer, Rob Fee penned a lengthy breakdown of the phenomenon of people running “parody” accounts that steal jokes and just how... [Read More]
Tig Notaro Now Has a Twitter Account Run by Her Friends
Ahead of her HBO standup special debut next month, Tig Notaro has finally joined Twitter, but not in a way where she’ll have to go through all the trouble of tweeting. @TigNotaro is now in action, and the account will be run by a bunch of Notaro’s friends starting with Sarah Silverman: E... [Read More]