Tosh.0 production assistant shot, killed by Los Angeles County deputies in mistaken identity hostage mixup
In a fatal case of mistaken identity, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies shot and killed a Tosh.0 production assistant who was trying to help a hostage standoff earlier this week. John Winkler, 30, had moved to West Hollywood from Washington state within the past year to pursue a show-... [Read More]
Three More Seasons for ‘Tosh.0′
The fifth season finale of Tosh.0 aired this week, but Tosh fans shouldn’t fret. There are at least three seasons to look forward to. Daniel Tosh has been signed on for 3 more seasons of the stand-up sitcom on Comedy Central. The renewal plans for the eighth season to air in 2016. Lo... [Read More]
‘Tosh.0′ renewed for three more seasons
It doesn’t take a genius to figure Comedy Central would want to keep one of it’s top shows around for longer. Kent Alterman, Comedy Central’s content development and original programming president, made the announcement that Tosh.0 has officially signed on for three more seasons, w... [Read More]
‘Brickleberry’ picked up for a third season
Like it, love it, or hate it, Comedy Central’s Brickleberry has officially been picked up for a third season. That’s right, the show, which Daniel Tosh executive-produces, has been renewed for another 13 episodes next year. The pick up of another season makes sense, Deadline reports... [Read More]
Image of Daniel Tosh calls out his Twitter imposters on Tosh.0
Daniel Tosh calls out his Twitter imposters on Tosh.0
At the end of Tuesday night's episode of Tosh.0 on Comedy Central, host and star Daniel Tosh took about 140 seconds to call out his several Twitter imposters. "It's not a parody if it's done this poorly!" Tosh said. "100,000 of you are stupid enough ... [Read More]
Lets talk about last night’s Tosh.0 which reunited The Man Show 2.0
If you didn’t get a chance to check out the latest episode of Tosh.0 Daniel Tosh decided to give a web redemption to a 36 year old virgin who enjoyed trampolining. Tosh made the correct assumption that a guy on a trampoline needed a girl on a trampoline so he called in fellow comedians Joe [..... [Read More]
Image of ‘Tosh.0′ Guranteed a Fifth Season by Comedy Central
‘Tosh.0′ Guranteed a Fifth Season by Comedy Central
Although not even started with its fourth season, Comedy Central has signed on for a 30-episode season five of it’s number one ranked show Tosh.0.It’s no surprise to see Comedy Central eagerly bringing back the hilarious, ballsy comedian ... [Read More]
Image of Comedy Central just gave Tosh.0, like, five seasons right now
Comedy Central just gave Tosh.0, like, five seasons right now
Hey, wouldn't it be funny if Comedy Central gave Daniel Tosh, like, five seasons right now? Like right now? What if Tosh.0 just went on for a bunch of seasons? Anyway, they did and it probably will, so that's pretty funny, right? [Read More]
Image of How Tosh.0 survived the decline of the “clip show”
How Tosh.0 survived the decline of the “clip show”
Not so long ago, though, Tosh.0 wasn’t the only Soup clone on the airwaves; the two shows shared space with The Dish, Sports Soup, and Web Soup. Now all those shows are gone, and aside from The Soup and Tosh.0, the basic-cable clip show has largely returned to the abysmal talking-head/wink-’n’-smirk VH1 model. Did the Soup copies die off because their hosts and writers weren’t clever enough? Or was it because the kind of material they were highlighting—viral videos and crazy moments from sports ... [Read More]
Image of Comedy Central Launches Cryptic 'Tosh.0' Campaign
Comedy Central Launches Cryptic 'Tosh.0' Campaign
Comedy Central is launching a cryptic marketing campaign to promote the May 29 fifth season premiere of Daniel Tosh’s Tosh.0. The barrage of messianic messages — the most extensive promo push the network will undertake this year — includes positioning shress-wearing “followers” with “Tosh 5.29” signs behind home plate at baseball games and sending “recruiters” to beaches and parks in New York and Los Angeles over Memorial Day weekend handing out pamphlets and bracelets, an allusion to the pro... [Read More]