Tom Green Looks Back on His KFC Museum Visit in This ‘Coming to the Stage’ Sneak Peek
Comedy Dynamics is back with a new season of its standup show Coming to the Stage next month with host Tom Green, and they gave us a sneak peek today featuring Green looking back on his visit to the KFC Museum in Louisville, Kentucky, where he was unable to visit Colonel Sanders’s grave becaus... [Read More]
Tom Green to Help Man Arrested for Failing to Return a Freddy Got Fingered VHS from 2002
Tom Green is coming to the rescue of a man who was arrested for failing to return a VHS rental of his film Freddie Got Fingered. James Meyers of Concord, North Carolina, was put in handcuffs on Tuesday after police found an outstanding warrant for his arrest pertaining to an unreturned VHS rental from 2002, local station WSOC reported. The warrant came to light when Meyers was pulled over for driving with a broken taillight while on his way to drop his daughter off at school. "I just saw this an... [Read More]
How Tom Green Uses the Internet to Find His Audience
by Justin Stokes Like the entire crew of Jackass shoved into a suit and a late-night show format, Tom Green has zero problem taking people into weird, disgusting, and uncomfortable territory. From public access to MTV to the ill-fated Freddy Got Fingered, Green has stuck to his own brand of Canadian... [Read More]
Kenny vs Spenny: Catching up with the groundbreaking Canadian comedy duo (Interview)
Everyone has a show that changes their life, for some it may be Saturday Night Live or The Carol Burnett Show, but for me that show was Kenny Vs. Spenny. While the show had a brief run in America on Comedy Central, in part because they were never given a permanent time slot and were subsequently bur... [Read More]
John Mulaney Looks Back on Meeting the Obamas with Neal Brennan
by Megh Wright On a recent episode of Tom Green Live, John Mulaney told the story of how he got to meet the Obamas when he helped write for Seth Meyers's White House Correspondents Dinner performance in 2011. It turns out that introducing himself right after Chappelle's Show co-creator Neal Brennan ... [Read More]
Comedy Dynamics launches lineup of archived stand-up comedy specials on Hulu
New Wave's Comedy Dynamics debuted its new Hulu channel today. You can check out the following stand-up comedy specials at your convenience, free of charge. The initial lineup at launch includes: Louie Anderson, Big Baby Boomer (2012) Josh Blue, Sticky Change (2012) Kyle Cease, Weirder. Blacker.... [Read More]
‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s ‘Mandatory Fun’ Hits Number 1 … Video Shows ‘Tacky’ Singer’s Reaction When Tom Green Reveals New Album Tops Billboard Charts
It has been more than 50 years since a comedy album reached the top of the Billboard 200 chart. So it’s easy to see why “Weird” Al Yankovic  did not expect his latest record, Mandatory Fun, to hit No. 1. When the comedy singer received the news on Tom Green Live, he was c... [Read More]
Learn How to Do a Perfect Johnny Carson Impersonation with Dana Carvey
by Megh Wright SNL alum Dana Carvey was recently a guest on Tom Green Live, and he took a few minutes to walk Green through how he does his flawless Johnny Carson impersonation. Click through to watch Carvey run through some of his other best known celebrity impersonations, including Jimmy Stewart, ... [Read More]
Tom Green on 'Freddy Got Fingered': "We're Gonna Make Our Fucking Movie and We Don't Give a Fuck"
by Bradford Evans "That’s not the way Hollywood works. They buy things and then they change it. The corporations and executives take young talent that’s interesting, bring them in, and then make their movie with them. Not make some kid from Canada’s movie. It’s some kid from ... [Read More]
FOX hosts a comedy RIOT with host Rove McManus, via Steve Carell and a team of improvisers
First Whose Line is it Anyway? gets a revival courtesy of The CW; then, NBC gets back into the celebrity game-show arena with Hollywood Game Night. What's next? A full-scale RIOT?! Well, yes, tonight on FOX. That's the name of the new limited-run summer comedy series, brought to us by Steve Carell, ... [Read More]