Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to star in a new movie together
The power duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are officially set to team up in a new flick called The Nest, this according to Buzzfeed. Universal has confirmed that Poehler was in talks to star opposite of Fey. Paula Pell, who worked with both Fey and Poehler on Saturday Night Live, wrote the new [&hell... [Read More]
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to Star as Sisters in 'The Nest'
by Megh Wright Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are reuniting for their first starring film roles together since 2008's Baby Mama. According to Variety, Poehler is in final negotiations to join Fey in The Nest, a comedy by longtime SNL writer Paula Pell about two sisters "who decide to throw one last massiv... [Read More]
11 possible successors to David Letterman’s late night throne
It’s been less than 24 hours since David Letterman announced his retirement from late night television. While it’s an iconic moment from a true television icon and we should respect that, it’s at the same time the perfect chance to think who could potentially replace his seat. The ... [Read More]
Watch Tina Fey Tell an Awful McDonald's Commercial Audition Story
by Bradford Evans Here's Tina Fey talking about a bad experience auditioning for a McDonald's commercial in Chicago in the '90s for an episode of The Tonight Show's web series My Worst Audition. It didn't work out, but at least Tina Fey didn't get really into being a commercial spokesperson instead... [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon's "Lip Flip with Tina Fey" Is a Beautiful Train Wreck
by Megh Wright Tina Fey visited her former Weekend Update co-anchor Jimmy Fallon last night, and they both gave the performance of a lifetime in a "Lip Flip" segment where they switch mouths, continue the interview, and sing a romantic duet. Click through to watch another clip from Fey's interview,... [Read More]
Karen Kilgariff
There’s an outtake from Season 3 of HBO’s Mr. Show with Bob and David in which Karen Kilgariff, then a performer on the Nineties sketch series, mocks herself by furrowing her brow and shaking her first at someone off camera after flubbing a line. It’s throwaway by design, but it st... [Read More]
Here’s a supercut of Hannibal Buress’ recurring hobo scenes in ’30 Rock’
When 30 Rock went off the air a year ago, we professed our love for the show with a list of 30 Reasons We’ll Miss 30 Rock. Number 14 on that list was the series of Hannibal Buress cameos that he’d make as a homeless person, or as Liz Lemon called them, “recurring hobos.” Bure... [Read More]
Tina Fey Is Starring in a Movie Adaptation of the Memoir 'The Taliban Shuffle'
by Bradford Evans Tina Fey has lined up her next movie project. She's starring in and producing an adaptation of journalist Kim Barker's memoir The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Variety reports. The book details Barker's time spent as a journalist in the region in 2002. ... [Read More]
Lady Gaga, Stephen Colbert, Mariah Carey and more welcome Jimmy Fallon to The Tonight Show (Video)
Sure it was an excuse to parade out a massive list of A-list celebrities on Jimmy Fallon’s inaugural Tonight Show, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t hilarious. Last night, a total of 14 famous friends of Fallon stopped by to pay off a $100 debt each. The reason? These doubters said F... [Read More]
A look at Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ debut
Last night was Jimmy Fallon’s first night as the new host of The Tonight Show. It was a joyous and star-studded event that the totally lovable Fallon handled well with grace and humility. What can we expect as viewers? Well, right out of the gate you can tell it’s not your father’s... [Read More]