Found: Female Filmmakers’ Fun Films
Some say “the future is female.” Wait, before I get into this, I have to apologize for the title of this piece. Apology accepted? Cool. Okay, let me start over. Some say “the future is female.” After watching this week’s featured videos, I’d have to agree. No... [Read More]
A Horrifying Parody Series That May Be True
Today, Splitsider has the dubious honor of premiering the third and most recent episode of Modern Aliens: A Documentary Periodical, written and directed by Jordan Jaffe and a harbinger of worldwide doom. Utilizing a clever method of packaging comedy and news i... [Read More]
A Day Late, But Worth It: Your Fireworks Explanation Video
Sketch group Cannibal Milkshake may’ve cracked the fireworks conundrum for we critics of lights in the night sky. As a man who’s unimpressed with fireworks, Jeff Ayars gives us voiced-over insight into the secret, ‘grammable allure of these impossibly annoying colorful gu... [Read More]
Here Are Two Vastly Different, Similarly Fun Videos
What do Jared Kushner and a trio of Greasers have in common? Yes, loved ones who obsessively groom their ridiculous hair but also: this week’s column! We’ve highlighted two contributions that don’t seem to share much DNA at surface level. Upon digging a little d... [Read More]
Anthony Gaskins & Carl Foreman, Jr.? You Should Know
A web series about two teachers at a fancy New York middle school? Sure. Sounds like a web series. Frank & Lamar is that. It’s on IFC’s digital incubator, Comedy Crib, and features actors from the UCB community and is the right length for a web series, and appears on the web. Ye... [Read More]
‘Three Women’: A New Short with an Old Method
From the opening frame, Three Women brought back the smell of Blockbuster Video. Not the smell of bulldozed drywall dust in 2007, the smell of candy and freshly vacuumed carpeting in 1996. From the lounge-y tinsel town score to its muted golden glow and perseverating dialogue, watching thi... [Read More]
‘Ba dum tss’: One Small Joke, One Big Laugh
From New York comedian Evan Krumholz comes a quick hit that’s good for a Wednesday LOL. Simple, imaginative, and relatable, his contribution checks all boxes for a strong piece of sketch. Should he have ended things right after the button? Yes, probably, but the merit of the idea and... [Read More]
Love Dramedies About Comedians? Watch Totally Real Show ‘Cuplicated’
Is Vioobu a real streaming platform created by, directed by, edited by, showrun by, and starring Clip Cup’s Craig Healy, or a rouse by some very talented, very committed comedians? Only you can decide. YOU. Because I’m not blowing it. Though we (or, you) may never know the hard... [Read More]
Two Weird Videos You Should Watch Today
Sometimes there are days in the This Week in Web Videos column where we profile not one but two projects we feel you, our audience, should be aware of. Today is one of those days. We bring for your consideration and (we hope) enjoyment two perverse descents into comedic absurdity. Let us know what y... [Read More]
A Web Video Sensation Two Years in the Making
TV actor Ben Giroux has been making internet videos for 10 years, often with musician and collaborator Jensen Reed. Nothing new there. What is new for the duo is spending $30k and two years of work on not even 5 minutes of internet content that, over the past week, has amassed ov... [Read More]