Ricky Gervais releases David Brent demo song ‘Slough’ and it’s excellent (Audio)
It’s been more than 10 years since BBC2 aired the last original episode of The Office. But Ricky Gervais’ character of David Brent, the bumbling manager of the Wernham Hogg paper company has lived on. Fans of the original Gervais series know that Brent was also a wannabe musician. And we... [Read More]
Watch Episodes of 'The Office,' 'Rick and Morty,' 'The Simpsons,' and More with the Jokes Removed
by Megh Wright Recently a Redditor decided to edit episodes of Seinfeld, Friends, and The Big Bang Theory to include only plot information and no jokes, and the result was an interesting look at how all three shows approach story and punchlines. If those three shows weren't enough, the same Redditor... [Read More]
Daniel Radcliffe Explains His Love for the American 'Office'
by Megh Wright "When something is successful in Britain, we go, 'Okay, let's stop it before we screw it up.' And when something is successful over here, they go, 'Okay, let's keep making this a success until it's not a success.' And I think that it is a kind of very different attitude, but I'm actua... [Read More]
Ricky Gervais and the BBC to produce a David Brent rockumentary in big-screen spinoff of “The Office”
When is a movie about The Office not an Office movie? When Ricky Gervais says it is? The BBC and Gervais announced Tuesday that they're collaborating on a movie imagining his David Brent character in his life 15 years after leaving the paper company he managed in the fictional BBC Two series -- whic... [Read More]
How I Met Your Mother, Arrested Development, Big Bang Theory and more! TV’s greatest catchphrases in one video supercut
From modern comedy hits like How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and Arrested Development to iconic comedy shows like Good Times, Happy Days and Everybody Loves Raymond the concept of the catchphrase is one firmly embedded in the success of those shows. So, it’s with great pleasure we p... [Read More]
Tina Fey adds Jane Krakowski to Ellie Kemper comedy ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’
Tina Fey’s new NBC comedy series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt just added another fellow 30 Rock alum to its crew. Jane Krakowski will play a recurring role on the new show starring former The Office star Ellie Kemper. Kemper plays Kimmy, who after 15 years of living in a cult decides it’s t... [Read More]
'The Office Time Machine' Chronologizes Thousands of Years of Pop Culture References from 'The Office'
by Bradford Evans A new website called The Office Time Machine debuted online this week. It's a collection of 1300 clips referencing pop culture or culture from the long-running NBC sitcom, with all of them arranged to play in chronological order of when the pop culture thing originated. This h... [Read More]
The Office Time Machine: A Cross-Cultural Reference Supercut Spectacular
Joe Sabia is a NYC-based director and speaker, who has co-hosted and co-curated Boing Boing TV on Virgin America for three years. But for the past year-and-a-half, Sabia has been living in the fictional past of Dunder-Mifflin's Scranton sales office and cross-referencing all of The Office's pop-cult... [Read More]
Ricky Gervais Wants David Brent to Star in a Rock Band Mockumentary
by Megh Wright Ricky Gervais has been reviving his classic Office character David Brent several times over the past year — from the web short "The Return of Brent" to two hit UK gigs as Brent's rock band Foregone Conclusion — and as Chortle reports, Gervais has called the band performanc... [Read More]
B.J. Novak Credits Rainn Wilson for His Leap into Acting on 'The Office'
by Megh Wright "Rainn Wilson once gave this interview where he said, 'The universe will tell you what it wants from you.' That really haunted me. I really wanted to act at that time, but I was clearly better as a writer. I thought, What part of me is chasing the fun and thrill of this job and how mu... [Read More]