Aisha Tyler, Reggie Watts, Eddie Pepitone headlining Maui Comedy Festival (Video)
As the temperature begins to drop in many parts of the country, there’s a special place where the country’s top comedians will migrate next month. The first annual Maui Comedy Festival will kick off Oct. 30 and will continue through the weekend. Taking place in Lahaina, Hawaii, shows wil... [Read More]
Just For Laughs 2014: The Green Room with Paul Provenza
Paul Provenza’s Green Room show has always been an intriguing one for any comedy fan. While the show had a very short life on Showtime television, however it’s found new life, showing up at various festivals since then and it’s been just as compelling ever since. At Salle Claude Le... [Read More]
Alan Davies new “As Yet Untitled” series essentially is The Green Room with Paul Provenza in everything but name
Alan Davies, the British comedian, host of QI and star of Jonathan Creek, heads up a new chat show this evening across the pond in the U.K. that purposefully has no title until the end of each episode, when he asks his comedian guests to come up with one with him. Everything before that on As Yet Un... [Read More]
SXSW 2014: The Green Room with Paul Provenza
One of the great travesties of the last few years was when Showtime decided to cancel, The Green Room with Paul Provenza. Why? Because it’s one of the most interesting series for comedy fans to watch. Each show, host Paul Provenza would welcome a roundtable of comedians that would dive into co... [Read More]
Talking to Paul Provenza About Set List, 'The Green Room,' and Taking Comics Out of Their Comfort Zone
by Elise Czajkowski It takes someone who truly loves comedy to dissect it, analyze it, and fuck with it as much as Paul Prozenza. His show Set List, which is billed as "standup with a net" and sees comics improvising material based on topics given to them on stage, has toured around the world. ... [Read More]
Emery Emery: Ardent Aristocrat
Emery Emery is a retired stand-up comedian, podcaster and filmmaker. His editing, producing and directing credits include The Green Room with Paul Provenza, The Aristocrats, Heckler, and Jake Johannsen: I Love You. The man so nice they named him twic... [Read More]
Craig Shoemaker’s Daditude Adjustment
Between stand-up specials and shows like Inside Comedy and The Green Room with Paul Provenza, Showtime has officially surpassed HBO as the go-to network for commercial-free, uncensored comedy. Earlier this year I reviewed Tom Green’s Showtime special... [Read More]
Showtime renews “Inside Comedy” for 10-episode second season; wither “The Green Room”?
Showtime announced today during the TV Critics Association summer press tour that Inside Comedy had earned a 10-episode second season, which will premiere in January 2013. Among the comedians interviewed by David Steinberg this time around: Ben Still... [Read More]
The Green Room’s schticky situation
The Green Room is at its best when it’s real. I don’t mean serious, I mean real. It gives a slightly amped-up version of what people would experience in an actual green room full of comics, just being themselves: smart, funny, and passionate. For the first half hour of the taping, Paul’s guests weren’t allowed to be that. [Read More]