Pete Holmes and Joe DeRosa resurrect New Material Seinfeld
During the run of The Pete Holmes Show one of his best segments was “New Material Seinfeld” a puppet character, in the style of Jerry Seinfeld that was always testing out premises to see if he had something that could be turned into a bit. It was the brainchild of Pete Holmes and the sho... [Read More]
Episode #33: Pete Holmes
Pete Holmes hosted his own late-night talk show on TBS, The Pete Holmes Show, that aired after Conan in 2013-2014. He's still the host of the very popular podcast You Made It Weird and he's back in New York City this fall filming an HBO pilot directed by Judd Apatow called Crashing, which revisits P... [Read More]
Samantha Bee breaks up late-night TV sausage party in first TBS promo teaser
Check out the first brand-new teaser clip promoting Samantha Bee's upcoming entrance into the late-night TV game as the only female host in a world full of Jimmys. TBS debuted this clip today as part of the Turner Networks' annual Upfronts presentation to advertisers. In it, Bee surmises a wall of p... [Read More]
Best of 2014: Best late night stand-up sets
We watch a lot of late night television ’round these parts. A large reason is because comedians get the chance to drop in an do a tight 5 for the late night audience. This year we saw so many great comedians make late night debuts or solidify their stance as comedy pros. Here are staff [&helli... [Read More]
This Week on TV: Segway to heaven
Unfortunately last week marked the end of The Pete Holmes Show so good ol’ Petey pants will not longer be bringing new material to the airwaves late at night. While it does bum us out that the show is gone, we cannot forget the good times it offered us – New Material Seinfeld, the EX-Men... [Read More]
Paying tribute to Seinfeld through puppetry: New Material Seinfeld on The Pete Holmes Show, voiced by Joe DeRosa
A couple of weeks into The Pete Holmes Show on TBS last fall, Holmes sought to let viewers know how he felt about hosting his own late-night TV show, when all of a sudden, a familiar voice interrupted his monologue. It was Seinfeld. Not Jerry Seinfeld. New Material Seinfeld. A puppet. In the voice o... [Read More]
Gary Gulman on The Pete Holmes Show, “I’d categorize Trader Joe’s as Narnia”
Gary Gulman was the guest comedian on The Pete Holmes Show last night. Which is one of the best things ever. Mainly because Gulman is terrific at weaving pop culture into his longform jokes. Gulman went on quite the epic story about his affinity for Trader Joe’s. While we might’ve though... [Read More]
Gary Gulman on The Pete Holmes Show
Gary Gulman has a great bit about shopping at Whole Foods, but he's really enamored with Trader Joe's, too. On Thursday night's The Pete Holmes Show, Gulman delivered an ode to Trader Joe's and the employees who work there -- with an aside for lions, witches, wardrobes and "Oreos." Did you find ever... [Read More]
Jared Logan, Oren Brimer, and Nate Fernald introduce Pete Holmes to Dungeons & Dragons
The classic role playing game, Dungeons and Dragons, is surprisingly quite popular amongst comedians. This week, Pete Holmes decides to take a break from hosting duties to give the game a try. D&D is a game where players can do anything they want… which might not be a good thing. Lead by ... [Read More]
This Week on TV: Beth Stelling fantasizes about audience members
The summer of amazing stand-up is upon us. Last week many great up-and-coming comedians such as Joe List, Nick Tuner, and Julian McCullough hit up late night, as well as an amazing set by Beth Stelling on The Pete Holmes Show. Last week also brought the premiere of season 3 of Comedy Central’s... [Read More]