'The Pink Panther' Is Being Rebooted as a Family Film, But It's About the Cartoon Cat Not Clouseau
by Bradford Evans MGM is rebooting The Pink Panther movie series, but the new film will follow the cartoon cat, not the character of Inspector Clouseau, THR reports. David Silverman, who directed dozens of early Simpsons episodes in addition to directing The Simpsons Movie and co-directing Monsters,... [Read More]
Comedy’s mirror routine over the years in TV and movies: From The Marx Brothers to The Muppets, with Bugs and Lucy in between
Kermit the Frog employs the ol' mirror routine gag -- spoiler alert! -- in a scene during the new Muppets Most Wanted movie, in cinemas nationwide today. How old is the ol' mirror routine? Thanks to Andrew Bouvé over at Slate for putting together this supercut. And even this excludes sev... [Read More]
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