Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein go goth in preview for ‘Portlandia’ season 5
One the greatest sketch shows on TV returns Janurary 2015. Although that’s still a bit away, IFC has released a sneak peak of season five of Portlandia. Just in time for Halloween, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein pose as a goth couple making a will. Just a few of their demands for their res... [Read More]
Let’s watch Chris Rock’s SNL promos
The great Chris Rock will make his return to Studio 8H to host this week’s Saturday Night Live. This will be Rock’s first trip back to SNL since his stint as a cast member in 1996. Rock and cast member Bobby Moynihan took to the streets of New York to shoot some promos and talk […... [Read More]
John Oliver asks food manafacturers to “Show us your peanuts”
Last Week Tonight returned yesterday just in time for a special Halloween-related segment. After exposing today’s hottest “sexy” costumes (including Sexy John Oliver and Sexy Louis CK), John Oliver explores the dangers in America’s obsession with candy and sugar. According to... [Read More]
Winners of development deals at the 2014 New York Television Festival
The annual New York Television Festival (NYTVF) announced the winners Saturday night in 12 categories of its Independent Pilot Competition as well as 20 development deal winners from various cable channels, studios and digital network partners. “We had a fantastic week with more events, projec... [Read More]
This week on TV: Mike Tyson solves mysteries
How excited are we that Chris Rock is hosting SNL this weekend? Pretty excited. How psyched are we that Mike Tyson Mysteries finally premieres? Super uppercut excited! Mike Tyson takes a group of friends in a van and they solve mysteries a la Scooby Doo! Jinkies! That’s incredible! Set the DVR... [Read More]
Jim Carrey hosted “Saturday Night Live” and fancy danced with Iggy Azalea
It was his third go ’round as host of Saturday Night Live last night. Make no mistake about it, Carry is a comedy genius who helped define sketch comedy for a generation of people. But a large boombastic episode was not what we got last night. It’s been nearly 20 years since Carrey was o... [Read More]
DirecTV orders ‘Downton Abbey’ parody series ‘The Britishes’
DirecTV snags an original TV series with The Britishes. According to Deadline, the show is a Downton Abbey parody starring Peter Serafinowitz and Will Sasso. Made of a collection of sketches, the series follows a similar absurdist sensibility as the iconic Monty Python’s Flying Circus. “... [Read More]
Learn the meaning of “Ridiculous” with Aziz Ansari and Grover
Your cute and fuzzy friends Grover and Aziz Ansari did a segment on Sesame Street with the goal of teaching the kids about the word “ridiculous.” The comedian and the Muppet handled this by wearing stove pipe hats and chicken suits, so mission accomplished if you ask us. Learn the meanin... [Read More]
The Jim Carrey “Saturday Night Live” promos have arrived
The promo reel for this week’s SNL host Jim Carrey has hit the web. They’re billing this episode as the the Halloween episode so expect jokes about slashin’ and candy. Also Carrey has a pretty solid Aidy Bryant impression. The Jim Carrey “Saturday Night Live” promos hav... [Read More]
Watch the full trailer for HBO’s “The Comeback”
After an initial short stint, The Comeback is… coming back to HBO. Lisa Kudrow stars in the sitcom that follows D-list celebrity Valerie Cherish as she attempts to climb back into the spotlight. After a few teasers, HBO finally revealed the first full trailer for the series’ return. The... [Read More]