Google's Response to Stephen Colbert's Lawsuit Threat Is Pretty Perfect
by Megh Wright Last week, Stephen Colbert took some time during an episode of The Colbert Report to call out Google CEO Larry Page for getting his height wrong, and it looks like Google has finally responded to Colbert and his lawsuit threats by revising his height — but not to the true 5'11 h... [Read More]
Let Stephen Colbert Run You Through a Typical 'Colbert Report' Workday
by Megh Wright Slate just launched a new podcast called Working that explores the typical workdays of various celebrities, and the very first episode features Colbert Report host and Late Show successor Stephen Colbert. Colbert offers a detailed run-through of his average day (and night) on his Come... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert helps GOP pander to women voters (Video)
As we sadly count down the days until the end of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert continues to mock the American political system. Midterm elections are fast approaching on Nov. 4 and the Republican Party has been attempting to target female voters by creating shameless add campaigns so vaguely a... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert and Neil Young Debate Environmental Issues Through Song
by Megh Wright At the end of last night's Colbert Report, Stephen teamed up with guest Neil Young to perform a slightly altered version of his song "Who's Gonna Stand Up? (and Save the Earth)." The result is a beautiful example of how a little acoustic jamming can unite even the most outspoken envir... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert Promises That the Remaining 'Colbert Report' Episodes Will Be "Instant Classics"
by Megh Wright During last night's Colbert Report, Stephen took a few moments to reflect on the show's future with only 32 episodes left to go — the same number of episodes Comedy Central ordered back in 2005 as an eight-week tryout — and gave the audience a personal guarantee that the r... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert calls Bill O’Reilly “a f**ing egomaniac”
On last night’s The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert learned disturbing news that his mentor/emergency contact for Soulcycle membership, Bill O’Reilly, was mad at Colbert. It seems O’Reilly took offense to Colbert mocking his plan to hire paid mercenaries to fight ISIS, compari... [Read More]
Colbert changes channels in Canada
Effective immediately, The Colbert Report (which ends its run Dec. 17), will no longer have its first airing on the Comedy Network in Canada. [Read More]
Colbert Countdown: 3 months until the last show
When Stephen Colbert was announced as the new host of the Late Show, viewers wondered: how will the Colbert Report end? That was April. As of today, we’re down to the final months before his last show. The question mark remains. Seeds of a story were so... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert Meets Future Stephen from the Year 2372
by Megh Wright When Stephen Colbert retires "Stephen Colbert" at the end of the year, a big question on Colbert Report fans' minds will be what Stephen Colbert the character will do for the rest of his life. During a segment on America's long history of doing nothing about immigration reform last ni... [Read More]
Who would make it onto the Mount Rushmore of Comedy?
This May, in celebrating Don Rickles on his 88th birthday, Jerry Seinfeld said of his elder hero: ""On the Mount Rushmore of stand-up comedy, there are four faces, in my opinion: Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Bill Cosby and Don Rickles." This weekend, following the death of Joan Rivers at 81, C... [Read More]