The definitive guide to comedy festivals for 2016
Almost nine years ago now, the seeds of The Comic's Comic firmly planted themselves into my brain during a blizzard of snow and laughs in Aspen, Colo. Back then, you had Aspen and Montreal. Those were the two places to see the entire comedy industry converge, merge and splurge. New talent rubbing sh... [Read More]
Comedian To Do List: Men vs. Women, by Sara Schaefer
The only thing more striking about Sara Schaefer's recent Twitter photo of the differences between men and women in stand-up comedy today (circa 2015)? Reading her @replies and the outlandishly sexist men and mansplainers trying to set her supposedly straight. Which, of course, only reinforces her p... [Read More]
Dulce Sloan wins 12th annual StandUp NBC diversity showcase, talent deal
Congrats to Dulce Sloan, named winner of the 12th annual StandUp NBC (formerly called Stand-Up For Diversity) contest, and with it, a talent holding deal with NBC. Former contest winner Tone Bell (NBC's Truth Be Told, and just added to the cast of The CW's The Flash) hosted the showcase finals at th... [Read More]
Patton Oswalt on how essential comedy is for society in 2015
“I think it is the responsibility of comedians to remain as irresponsible as we can, in terms of mockery and language. Comedians, we’re not the guardians and we’re not the saviors but I think we are the safety valve. And so, we are there just saying the unsayable, saying the rude, ... [Read More]
Listen to the track “Malcolm” from Ron Funches’ new comedy album
Unfortunately today is not November 13. If it were, we’d be listening to Ron Funches’ new comedy album entitled The Funches Of Us right now in its entirety. Well, the next best thing we can do in the meantime is check out this track from the album, “Malcolm”. You can’t ... [Read More]
Jay Mohr is releasing a new special written by wife Nikki Cox
Comedian Jay Mohr’s career includes a hodgepodge of television, film, and radio appearances. He is best known as an acclaimed stand-up though. He has been performing since the age of 16, so he has a long, storied history with the performance art. His new album, Happy. And a Lot. is a bit of a ... [Read More]
Wayne Federman on Fallon, “I liked the name Wayne until the fourth grade when my teacher told me it meant ‘diminish slowly over time'”
Wayne Federman’s performance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon last night covered everything from Elton John impressions, what his first name really means, and missing out on tickets to see Beethoven. All in celebration of his debut album after 30 years, Chronicles of Federman. Wayne F... [Read More]
Trevor Noah: Lost In Translation set to debut on Comedy Central in late November
Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, is set to debut his new one-hour stand-up special Trevor Noah: Lost in Translation on Sunday November 22 at 10pm on Comedy Central. The premiere will air with limited commercial interruption and an encore will immediately follow at 11pm. Filmed at The Lincoln The... [Read More]
Ahmed Bharoocha on Conan, “We take things too far with cows”
Comedian Ahmed Bharoocha stopped by Conan last night for his late night television debut. He talks about the flight training program for crows and thinks humans may have gone too far with the exploitation of cows. Check it out! Ahmed Bharoocha on Conan, “We take things too far with cows”... [Read More]
6 essential Halloween themed bits in stand-up comedy
If you think you’re too old to go trick-or-treating, well then you probably are. So instead, grab some candy and laugh off your sugar high with some of these hilarious Halloween themed bits in stand-up comedy. Jim Gaffigan Here’s Jim Gaffigan on his family holiday traditions. Gaffigan go... [Read More]