Comedy Central cancels “Sports Show with Norm Macdonald”
We’re shocked at this news. But Comedy Central has canceled Sports Show with Norm Macdonald. Though clearly Macdonald and the show had a cult following, Variety reports that its slightly below to a slightly above million viewers a week was not... [Read More]
Norm MacDonald on Standup, Acting and Artie Lang
SplitSider recently interviewed Norm MacDonald about his new show, Sports Show with Norm MacDonald on Comedy Central. But in addition to talking about his new show, we also discussed his recent standup special, his approach to standup, why he's not the greatest actor, and what's going on with his friend Arti... [Read More]
Norm MacDonald's Audience Problem on Sports Show with Norm MacDonald
Norm's delivery is traditionally full of measured pauses where he waits for the audience to either catch up with or give in to his jokes. But when an audience is cheering at the mere mention of a subject without even needing to hear the punchline, it throws off everything that makes Norm Norm. [Read More]
Norm MacDonald, Sports and Comedy: An Excellent Mix | AllMediaNY review
Overall, “Sports Show with Norm MacDonald” is solid. It’s no “Chapelle Show,” but it may be close enough to stick around for a while. Only MacDonald can put a sly smile on your face. Not taking him seriously while he delivers the latest sports news is what makes Comedy Central's newest sports comedy show that much funnier. [Read More]
Didn't See Sports Show with Norm Macdonald? Here's What You Missed
From the Sports Show with Norm Macdonald blog… In the premiere episode of Sports Show with Norm Macdonald, our esteemed host covered a lot of ground. He even mathematically proved Tiger Woods was the most-faithful man alive. ... [Read More]
Watch the First 90 Seconds of Sports Show with Norm Macdonald
You've seen promos and behind-the-scenes videos for Sports Show with Norm Macdonald, but since they tape it so close to the airing, there haven't been any clips of the actual show. Not that I needed to see any. I'd watch a show that wa... [Read More]
Norm Macdonald Rises Again on Comedy Central ‘Sports Show’ | NYTimes
As off-kilter and off-the-cuff as his comedy can seem, Mr. Macdonald has always sought precise control of it. At “Weekend Update,” he said he was “doing a specific experiment, where I was trying to strip all cleverness from the joke and try and make it as blunt as possible.” He added, “I always told everybody the perfect joke would be where the setup and punch line were identical.” [Read More]
Videos: Norm Macdonald behind-the-scenes at “Sports Show”
Norm Macdonald’s triumphant return to weekly television is fast approaching, folks. To be exact, the approach will be done on April 12 when Sports Show with Norm Macdonald premieres on Comedy Central at 10:30 pm EST. But Norm’s been teasi... [Read More]
Norm Macdonald Cordially Invites You to Watch a Video About Reading His Blog
From the Sports Show with Norm Macdonald blog… The big boss welcomes you into the Sports Show with Norm Macdonald’s office supply closet to take a look at how our photocopier works while sharing some laughs about Ohio geography and the alarmi... [Read More]
First Look at Norm Macdonald: Me Doing Stand-Up
From the Lindbergh kidnapping to The Great Brinks Robbery, our nation has seen many big crimes, but none as big as the fact that Norm Macdonald has never been given his own one-hour stand-up special. Well, that all changes this Saturday night at 11:3... [Read More]