Watch another teaser for Jerrod Carmichael’s upcoming HBO special, “Love At The Store”
About a month ago HBO ran a teaser for Jerrod Carmichael’s new HBO stand-up special, Love At The Store. It was too brief a clip. Now a slighly longer clip has debuted giving us a bit more of a peek into Carmichael’s special, which, ironically will also serve as his first appearance on te... [Read More]
Here's a Sneak Peek of Jerrod Carmichael's HBO Standup Special
by Megh Wright Jerrod Carmichael's very first (and Spike Lee-directed) standup special Love at The Store premieres on HBO on October 4th, and today the pay-network released the first full promo for it featuring a more inside look at Carmichael's material and influences. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Chris Turner is taping a stand-up special at the Hollywood Improv on September 11th
Hollywood folks listen up. British comedian Chris Turner is taping a new special in your neck of the woods and you should get yourself hooked up with free tickets so you can have your crowd laughs put on wax and immortalized. Case in point, Chris Turner is taping a new special for Comedy Dynamics on... [Read More]
Wyatt Cenac’s new special to debut on Netflix October 21st
Netflix has steadily become the new go-to distributor for comedy specials. After recently announcing their schedule for six new specials from Bill Burr, Chelsea Peretti and more this fall, Deadline reports the streaming service will be adding another special to that list. On Tuesday, October 21st, N... [Read More]
Wyatt Cenac's New Netflix Special 'Brooklyn' Premieres on October 21st
by Megh Wright Former Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac has a brand new special coming out next month. According to Deadline, Wyatt Cenac: Brooklyn is set to premiere on Tuesday, October 21st on both Netflix and as a 1,000 piece limited edition vinyl LP through Cenac's own production company Amal... [Read More]
Kurt Metzger “White Precious,” is can’t miss stand-up comedy (review)
At a certain point in his special White Precious, comedian Kurt Metzger homely refers to himself as “Uncle Kurt,” and he might be the kind of Uncle that you’d go visit on a regular basis to get away from the humdrum of everyday life. Erudite without being snobbish, while effecting ... [Read More]
Watch the trailer for Jim Jefferies new Netflix special, “BARE”
Jim Jefferies newest special will lead off a new string of Netflix exclusives this year. Filmed in Boston, Jefferies special, BARE, will be available on Netflix on August 29th. The often-crude comedian is game to tackle any subject, including gun control, anal sex, and race. He’s an equal-oppo... [Read More]
[Sponsored] Check out Comedy Dynamics on Hulu
Sponsored Post: You can go to hundreds or even thousands of places to find a comedian with a Jack Nicholson impersonation. But how many places can you go to find a comedian with a routine about actually crop-dusting Nicholson? One. That'd be, and specifically the Comedy Dynamics page. Comed... [Read More]
Laurie Kilmartin is taping a new special ’45 Jokes About My Dead Dad’ October 17-18 in LA
Comedian and Conan writer Laurie Kilmartin announced today via Twitter that she will be taping a new comedy special this fall. Entitled ’45 Jokes About My Dead Dad,’ Kilmartin will be taping a unique, short special on October 17th and 18th at the Lyric Theater in Los Angeles. Here’... [Read More]
What's So Special About 'The Richard Pryor Special'?
by Abby Denton There's a famous story about The Richard Pryor Show — as Richard Pryor's star was rising in Hollywood in the 1970s, NBC commissioned the man to make a 10-episode sketch program to be broadcast in prime time. Family-friendly viewing not being Pryor's first priority, he clash... [Read More]