Billy Crystal
Billy Crystal is a heartstring-tugging machine in his one-man show 700 Sundays, which comes to HBO after multiple successful runs on Broadway and a national tour (the HBO special was taped in January at Broadway’s Imperial Theatre). Crystal’s account of his Long Island childhood is a flo... [Read More]
Watch a Trailer for Brett Gelman's New Adult Swim Special
by Bradford Evans Last week, Adult Swim announced that they're premiering a new special called Dinner with Friends with Brett Gelman and Friends that Brett Gelman and Jason Woliner (Eagleheart) made together, and here's a teaser trailer for the special. It's a Dinner for Five-esque conversation sho... [Read More]
Spike TV to Air a Tribute to Don Rickles, Featuring Letterman, Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, and More
by Bradford Evans Spike TV announced today that they're making a big star-studded tribute special to Don Rickles that will air on the cable network next month. Called One Night Only: An All-Star Comedy Tribute to Don Rickles, the 90-minute special will be shot at NYC's Apollo Theater on May 6th and ... [Read More]
Jim Gaffigan to release new stand-up special, ‘Obsessed’ on April 29th
Seems like Spring is finally here and so is another stand-up comedy special from Jim Gaffigan. The comedian’s latest Obsessed will be available in stores on Tuesday, April 29th. It will be available on pretty much any format your comedy fan heard could want, DVD, Blu-Ray, vinyl, VOD, digital d... [Read More]
Tracy Morgan’s stand-up special ‘Bona Fide’ set to premiere on Comedy Central April 20th
Tracy Morgan is one of the most recognizable names in the stand up world. He has been all over the place from the legendary Saturday Night Live to hit NBC show 30 Rock. However his roots are, and have always been, in stand-up comedy. Having said that, I bring to you some exciting news, Tracy’s... [Read More]
Dave Attell’s cringeworthy comedy is perfectly captured on ‘Road Work’
It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years since we’ve last seen a Dave Attell stand-up comedy special. Yeah, do the math, it was 2007 when Captain Miserable was released. It’s a very long time for hands-down one of the best comedians in the game to produce something he’s s... [Read More]
Dave Attell
It’s been seven years since Dave Attell’s last special, Captain Miserable, and about a year and a half since the final episode of Dave’s Old Porn aired on Showtime. So it’s fair to say that the latest special, Road Work, and his new Comedy Central series, Comedy Underground w... [Read More]
Dave Attell shares his “Road Work” experiences across America as a club comic in new Comedy Central stand-up special
Twitter may have given everyone the false hope or impression that they're all joke machines. But nobody remains funnier and writes more great jokes and tests them out on a nightly basis in front of living and breathing comedy club customers than Dave Attell. Nobody beats Attell. And Attell wins fair... [Read More]
Dave Attell returns this Saturday with new stand-up special, ‘Road Work’ and late night uncensored stand-up series
Dave Attell is going to release a new stand-up special and we’re pumped! Attell is easily one of the greatest living stand-up comedians on the planet. Don’t think so? Try to conjure up someone more respected, more imitated, and more funny? Can’t do it can you? Also, “more fun... [Read More]
Brett Gelman Has a New Adult Swim Special Premiering April 24th
by Bradford Evans Adult Swim is set to premiere a new TV special later this month from Brett Gelman and Jason Woliner (Eagleheart), Splitsider has learned. Called Dinner With Friends With Brett Gelman and Friends, the 30-minute special will air Thursday, April 24th, at midnight. Written by Gelman an... [Read More]