Talking ‘Staten Island Summer’ and ‘SNL’ with Bobby Moynihan
Summer is usually uneventful for SNL fans, but this year things are different thanks to a new movie written by Colin Jost and starring an array of his SNL friends. Available tomorrow on Netflix, Staten Island Summer is a Caddyshack-esque memoir of Jost’s final summer as a lifeguard before goin... [Read More]
Bobby Moynihan Reveals His Favorite Moment from ‘SNL’ Season 40
Here’s the latest web exclusive from SNL featuring cast member Bobby Moynihan, who shares some of his favorite moments from the 40th season as one of the “resident nerds” in sketches like “Hobbit Office” and the Marvel trailer from Chris Pratt’s episode. But his f... [Read More]
R.I.P. George Coe (1929-2015)
George Coe appeared in multiple episodes with the original cast of Saturday Night Live, but only credited as a 'Not Ready for Prime Time Player" in the very first episode in 1975. Which still counts for a lot. Coe, who also earned an Academy Award nomination for his 1968 short film De Duva (The Dove... [Read More]
Michael Che Looks Back on Aidy Bryant’s 10-to-1 ‘SNL’ Sketch “Waterbed Commercial”
Over the summer we’ve heard from SNL cast and writers Pete Davidson, Sarah Schneider, Chris Kelly, Leslie Jones, and Sasheer Zamata about their favorite season 40 memories, but for the latest installment, Michael Che decided to take a different route. Instead of sharing a memory involving a sk... [Read More]
Pete Davidson Looks Back on His Weekend Update Debut (and 69ing The Rock)
We’ve heard from Sasheer Zamata, Leslie Jones, Chris Kelly, and Sarah Schneider, and today SNL uploaded a new video featuring Pete Davidson looking back on his favorite season 40 moment. For Davidson, it’s actually two moments: his very first appearance on Weekend Update, and the time he... [Read More]
Kyle Mooney and Dave McCary’s New Non-Existent Podcast Is the Best New Comedy Podcast
In the downtime between SNL seasons, Kyle Mooney has launched an Instagram account for his brand new podcast with reluctant co-host Dave McCary (SNL, Good Neighbor). The D and K Podcast may have zero episodes so far, but that’s not stopping them from pulling out all the stops engagement-wise a... [Read More]
Last Things First, Episode #3: Horatio Sanz
Today’s guest is Horatio Sanz, born in Chile, raised in Chicago and known by many as cast member for eight seasons on Saturday Night Live. His other credits start with The Second City troupe in Chicago – where he also was an original member of The Upright Citizens Brigade – to more... [Read More]
Sarah Schneider and Chris Kelly Look Back on Their ‘SNL’ Sketch “Back Home Ballers”
SNL fans might argue about a lot of things, but if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Sarah Schneider and Chris Kelly are two of the most consistently hilarious sketch writers in the game right now. In a new web exclusive, Kelly and Schneider sit down to offer some insider ... [Read More]
Leslie Jones Looks Back on Messing Up an ‘SNL’ Sketch with Chris Rock
Remember when Chris Rock hosted SNL last year and starred opposite Leslie Jones in the sketch “The Couple” that turned into a complete train wreck? In a new video, Jones looks back on the experience — her first time dealing with stage direction changes before dress rehearsal and th... [Read More]
Go Behind the Scenes with ‘SNL’s Cue Card Guy Wally Feresten
While you’re waiting for SNL’s 41st season to debut on NBC, the Los Angeles Times has a fun piece out today all about the show’s longtime cue card guy Wally Feresten, who’s been with the show for 25 years and has gone on to lead cue card duties on Late Show with David Letterm... [Read More]