Go Behind the Scenes with ‘SNL’s Cue Card Guy Wally Feresten
While you’re waiting for SNL’s 41st season to debut on NBC, the Los Angeles Times has a fun piece out today all about the show’s longtime cue card guy Wally Feresten, who’s been with the show for 25 years and has gone on to lead cue card duties on Late Show with David Letterm... [Read More]
Watch David Spade, Christina Applegate, Lorne Michaels, and More in the ‘I Am Chris Farley’ Trailer
SNL legend Chris Farley is the subject of a brand new documentary called I Am Chris Farley, and the first trailer was just released today. The documentary will take a look back on Farley’s childhood and rise to fame and features interviews with Bob Odenkirk, Christina Applegate, David Spade, A... [Read More]
First look at “I Am Chris Farley” documentary
This movie trailer lives on an electronic device you're holding, down by the river! Or something like that. Here's your first look at the new documentary, I Am Chris Farley, which opens in select movie theaters across America at the end of July. (Trailer via Buzzfeed) I Am Chris Farley, directed by... [Read More]
Sasheer Zamata Looks Back on Her Favorite ‘SNL’ Season 40 Moment
SNL is currently on summer hiatus, so in the meantime NBC has been uploading videos featuring cast members looking back on their favorite season 40 moments. For the latest clip, Sasheer Zamata looks back on her debut Weekend Update segment from Martin Freeman’s episode in December, and she&rsq... [Read More]
Louis C.K. Got Into a Fight with Lorne Michaels Over His 2014 ‘SNL’ Monologue
Judd Apatow’s new book of interviews Sick in the Head has been in stores for a week now, and among the many juicy stories in the book is from Apatow’s 2014 interview with Louis C.K. about his second time hosting SNL. C.K. told Apatow that his monologue from the episode (you can watch it ... [Read More]
Simon Rich, Emily Spivey, and Mike O’Brien Look Back on Their Toughest ‘SNL’ Sketches
To celebrate the release of the new SNL documentary, Vulture has a fun piece out today featuring SNL writers Emily Spivey, Simon Rich, and Mike O’Brien, who look back on the origins of the toughest sketches they’ve written for the show. Here’s Simon Rich on the lessons learned film... [Read More]
Colin Jost’s Staten Island Summer is heading to Netflix also star Bobby Moynihan and Cecily Strong
It’s been reported by The Wrap that Netflix has landed the feature Staten Island Summer which is set to debut on July 30. The film was written by Saturday Night Live Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost and will star SNL regulars Bobby Moynihan and Cecily Strong. It was produced by Lorne Michaels ... [Read More]
Amy Poehler Tells Jimmy Kimmel Why Athletes Make Great ‘SNL’ Hosts
The wonderful Amy Poehler was a guest on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she looked back on working at SNL alongside athletes like LeBron James and Derek Jeter and broke down why athletes tend to make great hosts: “They just want to know where the play is.” Watch another clip... [Read More]
Paul F. Tompkins and Jerry Minor Talk ‘Mr. Show,’ ‘SNL,’ and Dumb Men in Commercials
Here’s the latest episode of Paul F. Tompkins’s web series Speakeasy with his old Mr. Show pal Jerry Minor. The two talk about Minor’s early improv days at Second City, moving to Los Angeles when he was cast in Mr. Show, his one-year stint as an SNL cast member, and more. There&rsq... [Read More]
A New Chris Farley Documentary Premieres on Spike This August
SNL legend Chris Farley is the subject of a new documentary heading to Spike this August. Titled I Am Chris Farley, the documentary takes a look at Farley’s childhood, life, and career and includes interviews with his siblings and former collaborators like David Spade, Mike Myers, Molly Shanno... [Read More]