Fahim Anwar on Late Night with Seth Meyers
Fahim Anwar is not Korean but he lives in Koreatown in Los Angeles, which is unsettling, but mostly because of the thin nature of his apartment walls. What's going on on the other side of that wall? Anwar joked about that and more on Thursday's Late Night with Seth Meyers. He's a professional comedi... [Read More]
Fahim Anwar on Late Night, “Every flight attendant thinks they’re a stand-up comedian”
Los Angeles comedian Fahim Anwar was the guest comedian on last night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. This marked Anwar’s late night debut. Suited up, Anwar opened his set talking about his neighborhood Koreatown, his thin-walled apartment, airport racial profiling, and “funny&rdquo... [Read More]
TBS renews ‘American Dad’ for a 12th season
After ten seasons on Fox, Seth McFarlane’s animated series American Dad hopped over to its new home at TBS. According to THR, TBS is looking to keep the show around a bit more and has ordered a twelfth season. After less than a month at TBS, the network has ordered 22 new episodes. “We a... [Read More]
TBS Renews 'American Dad!' for a 12th Season
by Megh Wright TBS wants to keep American Dad! around for at least another season. The Seth MacFarlane-created animated series debuted its 11th season back in September and switched from Fox to TBS a few episodes in, and now THR reports that TBS has already ordered a 22-episode second season on the ... [Read More]
Michelle Wolf offers a female perspective on Kim Kardashian, catcalling, and body image on ‘Late Night’
Seth Meyers may be the host over at Late Night, but sometimes it’s better to hear a female perspective about topical subjects. LNSM writer and comedian Michelle Wolf joined Meyers on set to deliver her take on trending topics such as Kim Kardashian’s Paper cover shoot, body image, and ca... [Read More]
Maui Comedy Festival: A behind the scenes look (photos)
Well, it’s a few days since we were in the beautiful 90-degree weather of Maui for the inaugural Maui Comedy Festival. To say it was an unbelievable experience is an understatement as we were afforded the opportunity to see not only great stand-up comedy shows, but to get a truly behind-the-sc... [Read More]
‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ makes the most meta Aaron Sorkin parody
Aaron Sorkin, creator of such hit shows like The West Wing, was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers. It seemed only fitting to accompany Sorkin’s appearance with a Sorkin parody sketch. The Late Night crew created the most meta-parody sketch about whether or not they should make a Sorkin sk... [Read More]
Mike Lawrence on Late Night with Seth Meyers
Mike Lawrence performed stand-up on Thursday night's Late Night with Seth Meyers as a newlywed, and since his wife works for Sesame Street, that means she can enlist very special guests to make Mike feel guilty when he screws up. At least he's not working at McDonald's any longer. Oh, memories. Oh, ... [Read More]
Mike Lawrence on Late Night with Seth Meyers, “I was guilted by a Muppet, do you know how that feels?”
Mike Lawrence was the guest comedian on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night and he totally killed with some great new material around his recent nuptuals. Lawrence also finished strong with the mention of the singer Toby Keith in his closer. We happen to know for a fact that Lawrence got the chan... [Read More]
Jack McBrayer talks improv and SNL auditions on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’
30 Rock alum Jack McBrayer paid a visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about his new Adult Swim sitcom with Triumph the Dog. McBrayer and Meyers actually first met each other doing improv in Chicago. The pair talk about their wild Chicago days, Emmy parties, and first jobs. McBrayer also rev... [Read More]