James Franco's Film 'Zeroville' to Feature Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, and More
by Megh Wright Hollywood's ultimate multi-hyphenate James Franco is directing and starring in an upcoming dramedy called Zeroville, and according to Slash Film it just added a ton of great guest stars. Based on the 2007 novel by Steve Erickson, Zeroville centers on Franco's character Ike Jerome (nic... [Read More]
This week on TV: Wyatt’s in Brooklyn
Some of late night television is dark this week. But this is 2014 and that means we’re never short on the content. With that in mind, the one and only Wyatt Cenac and his new stand-up special, Brooklyn is available for stream on Netflix. Monday, October 20th Jason Segel, Steve Harvey on The To... [Read More]
Tom Scharpling to release ‘The Best of The Best Show’ box set
Just when you thought the news couldn’t get better, it… did. It got better. After announcing that The Best Show was coming back, Tom Scharpling then announced he and Jon Wurster would be releasing “The Best of The Best Show” box set. Over 20 hours of calls between Wurster an... [Read More]
Wyatt Cenac talks stealing puppets and his new special on ‘Late Night
Wyatt Cenac stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers last night to promote his new special, Wyatt Cenac: Brooklyn. Cenac likes to keep it simple when it comes to naming things, like specials and tours. Cenac also has an affinity for puppets, especially the one that looks exactly like him that he stole... [Read More]
'The Best of The Best Show' Boxed Set Comes Out in March
by Megh Wright Not long after announcing the return of his long-running music/comedy radio show The Best Show, Tom Scharpling has revealed another secret project today — a boxed set with over 20 hours of his calls with Jon Wurster from 2000-2013. Called Scharpling & Wurster: The Best of Th... [Read More]
Steve Carell, Channing Tatum deadly serious in Foxcatcher trailer (Video)
For me there are few things better in film than watching a comedian do drama. Say what you will about Adam Sandler’s recent output, you can’t deny how great Punch-Drunk Love was in 2002 or what a solid performance Seth Rogen gave opposite of Michelle Williams in 2011’s Take This Wa... [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show tops Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube
If the number of your YouTube subscribers is indicative of your popularity in real life – spoiler: it is! – then Jimmy Fallon and his Tonight Show just hit a crucial milestone. With more than 4.7 million followers on YouTube, The Tonight Show has just surpassed the YouTube following of J... [Read More]
Nasim Pedrad Looks Back on Her 'SNL' Arianna Huffington Impersonation
by Megh Wright SNL alum and Mulaney star Nasim Pedrad was a guest on last night's Late Night, where she and Seth Meyers looked back on how she first got her Arianna Huffington impersonation on SNL — which was largely thanks to Bill Hader getting an eye infection. Watch more from Pedrad's inter... [Read More]
Upright Citizens Brigade Announces the Grand Opening of UCB Theatre Sunset
by Megh Wright The Upright Citizens Brigade is opening a brand new theater in Los Angeles. UCB announced today that it's added a new venue called UCB Theatre Sunset located at 5419 Sunset Boulevard in LA, which will be home to UCB LA's training center for both improv and sketch writing, an... [Read More]
This week in comedy: Everyone stopped by “Late Night With Seth Meyers”
Well, not everyone, but certainly enough names to make this recurrence a focal point of this week’s happenings. The Daily Show had a share of fun moments too, and, as always, Saturday Night Live made some waves. Let’s recap this week’s news: – Seth Meyers hosted yet anot... [Read More]