Sean Parrott’s “Summertime (Featuring Swagnum P.I.)” video is the greatest thing on the Internet
Nashville-based comedian & musician Sean Parrott is so incredibly funny and talented and wonderful, it’s just ridiculous. His new album “THE DTH OVE LOF” is a perfect example of that. Also, the video for “Summertime (Featuring Swagnum P.I.)” is (without question) the greatest thing on the internet. Stop everything and watch the video right now.. [Read More]
New BIZRQ album “Glass Half Meatballs” drops today
Nashville based comedian / radio personality / musician / podcast producer / awesome person Mark Anundson has released a new BIZRQ cd. Mark “biz” Anundson put together the beats, synth and vocals and John “birq” Bradley provided all of the guitar parts including but not limited to electric, acoustic and ukulele. Special Appearance by Sean “Dead” Parrott on Bacteria. “Glass Half Meatballs” is now available for download at CD Baby. [Read More]
“Max the Hero” (with MST3K’ers Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett) to Screen at NY Television Pilot Festival |
The animated comedy “Max the Hero” stars and was written by Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s and’s Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett. It was produced, directed and co-written by Nashville’s Mike Salva. In the show, Max (voiced by Bill Corbett), is an accidental superhero who is kind of a lazy jerk. He never actually saves anybody. His jealous roommate, Stew (voiced by Michael J. Nelson), becomes his arch-rival. And they both injure their buddy Chip (voiced by Kevin Mur... [Read More]
Win a free copy of “The Dead Dead: Infinite Superdoom” (EVIL heavy metal concept album) |
Like most great Metal bands, The Dead Dead was formed when two Nashville Comics, Charles Ives and Sean Parrott, moved into a duplex. (Duplexes are SO METAL!) Inspired by the prospect of riches, fame, and trashy women, they decided to record a heavy metal concept album telling the tale of two men’s trek to hold the unimaginable power of the black sword, Infinite Superdoom. A year and a half later, that album was born, and you can win one (1) of ten (10!) free copies on N'Sup. [Read More]