'Grantland' Profiles 'SNL' Legend Phil "The Glue" Hartman
by Megh Wright "Here's why it’s difficult to properly appreciate Phil Hartman. Because his characters were 20 percent droid. Because he reminded you more of your dad than your best pal. Because Hartman’s biggest gift was a kind of comedic graciousness, which he used to hide the show's se... [Read More]
Saturday Night's Children: Alan Zweibel (1979-1980)
by Megh Wright Saturday Night Live has been home to over a hundred cast members throughout the past 38 years. In our column Saturday Night’s Children, we present the history, talent, and best sketches of one SNL cast member every other week for your viewing, learning, and laughing pleasure. Th... [Read More]
SNL’s 40th anniversary includes State Farm partnership bringing back Hans & Franz, Richmeister for NFL ads with Aaron Rodgers
To say this year's State Farm "Discount Double Check" TV campaign is copying what worked for them last year isn't saying it all. Say "makin' copies!" And get ready for the return of the Richmeister, as Rob Schneider has resurrected his classic Saturday Night Live character for a new ad debuting on T... [Read More]
Darrell Hammond Says He'd "Be Honored and Thrilled" to Take Over Don Pardo's 'SNL' Duties
by Megh Wright In the wake of iconic SNL announcer Don Pardo's passing, the show now has the tall order of hiring a replacement to announce the cast's names at the start of each episode. While Pardo's timeless voice and presence can't be replicated, longtime cast member Darrell Hammond has come pret... [Read More]
'Grantland' Examines the Mellowing Lorne Michaels Empire
by Megh Wright "But those who thought a severe housecleaning was in store this summer for the upcoming 40th season have been surprised; there was no bloodbath, no mass firings, none of the seismic upheavals of the past. Only four cast members were voted off the island once the 39th season ended, and... [Read More]
Read Some New Excerpts from the Updated 'Live from New York' Book
by Megh Wright The new and extended version of Tom Shales and James Miller's SNL oral history book Live from New York isn't out until September 9th, but in the meantime THR has released a few exclusive excerpts from the book all about the show's more recent political satire, from how Tina Fey's Sara... [Read More]
Amy Poehler: "My Whole Life Changed Once Don Pardo Said My Name"
by Megh Wright "My whole life changed once Don Pardo said my name. I will really miss that kind and talented man." - In a short but sweet statement for The Wrap, Amy Poehler remembers SNL's legendary announcer Don Pardo. 0 Comments... [Read More]
R.I.P. Don Pardo, 1918-2014
Don Pardo was such a fixture of Saturday Night Live that it'll even take creating executive producer Lorne Michaels a few years still to catch him in terms of number of appearances/voiceovers. Pardo kept introducing us to comedians in their biggest breaks on SNL, doing the voiceovers for all about o... [Read More]
Don Pardo, the Iconic Voice of 'SNL,' Dies at 96
by Megh Wright The iconic voice of Saturday Night Live has passed away. News broke last night that Don Pardo, who worked as SNL's announcer since the show's debut in 1975, died in his home of Tucson, Arizona at the age of 96. Pardo's voice is synonymous with SNL's opening credit sequence, and Lorne ... [Read More]
Don Pardo, longtime “Saturday Night Live” Announcer, dead at 96
The voice of Saturday Night Live has died. Dominick “Don” Pardo, longtime radio and TV announcer has left us. Pardo was best known as the voice of Saturday Night Live, reading off the names of the cast members at the top of the show on all but one season. Pardo was 96. Amid rumors this [... [Read More]