Brooklyn Comedy Festival: Friday, 8/23
In it’s next to last night, the Brooklyn Comedy Festival wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, both of the events were well beyond sold out. Earlier in the evening, Brooklyn bar, Over The Eight played host to “T.G.I. Friedman.” The show, scheduled for 7:30 didn&r... [Read More]
Week At The Creek: A residency for headliners to work out new hours of stand-up comedy
When Colin Quinn needed a venue to work out his latest one-man show, "Unconstitutional," he crossed the East River and found a second home club in Long Island City at The Creek and The Cave. Quinn is currently performing "Unconstitutional" at the Cherry Lane Theatre Off-Broadway (see my re... [Read More]
From Brooklyn to Bonnaroo: David Cross announces 2013 comedy lineup, Rob Cantrell launches “Universally Speaking”
When you think of Bonnaroo, you think of Brooklyn, don't you? Sure, New York City's borough of choice seems even chosen more now, but it's a long way from the actual summer festival of comedy and music held on 700 acres of rural Tennessee. That's not... [Read More]
David Cross announces Bonnaroo comedy lineup, festival launches Web series with Rob Cantrell (Videos)
Daniel Tosh, Mike Birbiglia and Nikki Glaser are only three of the stellar comedians who will perform at Bonnaroo this year, as the music and arts festival takes over Manchester, TN from June 13 to 16. The full list of comedians to appear at the Bonn... [Read More]
Image of Video: Lynn Shawcroft talks about Mitch Hedberg’s “Los Enchiladas”
Video: Lynn Shawcroft talks about Mitch Hedberg’s “Los Enchiladas”
Sirius XM will be airing a great interview with Shawcroft along with comedians Mike Birbiglia, Doug Stanhope and Rob Cantrell, wherein she talks a bit more about the film and her time with Mitch. You’re going to want to check it out on Raw Dog Sirius XM 99 at 5 pm EST. PunchlineMagazine has a video preview below. [Read More]
Image of "Last Comic" vet Rob Cantrell's offbeat humor in tune with rock venue -
"Last Comic" vet Rob Cantrell's offbeat humor in tune with rock venue -
"I didn't have a good, clean pair of pants," he said. "I was wearing jeans every day, and they were ratty. I need something fit for national television. It was a huge transition going from local clubs to prime-time television. I did get very hot very fast, and I was approached by a lot of different people. But it wasn't the route I wanted. I wanted to put more emphasis on the writing and become a higher-level comic." Cantrell passed on offers - including one from Dane Cook's manager - to inst... [Read More]