Comedy Central lays out its fall schedule including Moonbeam City, Nathan For You, and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Just as the leaves start to change colors, Comedy Central is changing the game up with their fall programming slate. Trevor Noah makes his debut as the host of the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning The Daily Show on Monday, September 28, and the new animated cop extravaganza series Moonbeam City premie... [Read More]
‘Archer’ Made a Woodhouse Clip Compilation in Memory of the Late George Coe
Last weekend, original SNL cast member George Coe — who also voiced Woodhouse on Archer — passed away in California at the age of 86, and today the Archer team released a sweet compilation in his memory. It’s a wonderful look back at Coe’s talent for bringing the heroin-addic... [Read More]
R.I.P. George Coe (1929-2015)
George Coe appeared in multiple episodes with the original cast of Saturday Night Live, but only credited as a 'Not Ready for Prime Time Player" in the very first episode in 1975. Which still counts for a lot. Coe, who also earned an Academy Award nomination for his 1968 short film De Duva (The Dove... [Read More]
Original ‘SNL’ Cast Member George Coe Dies at 86
Sad news: This past Saturday, Oscar-nominated actor George Coe — who was an original Not Ready for Prime Time Player on SNL and more recently known for his voice role as Woodhouse on Archer — died in Santa Monica, California at 86 after “battling a long illness,” according to... [Read More]
Audience interactions and crowd work gone awry: Is the customer always right?
Stand-up comedians need an audience to laugh at their jokes and pay for their services. Comedy clubs provide a direct conduit for both, and need a steady supply of both to survive. Audiences need to know their place is in the audience, laughing (or not) offstage. When comedians and clubs start bicke... [Read More]
Berkeley Breathed breathing new life into Bloom County comic strip
"A return after 25 years. Feels like going home." With those words, and the image of cartoonist Berkeley Breathed at his computer screen, working on his first "Bloom County" panels since 1989, another beloved newspaper comic strip from the 1980s has come back from the dead but dearly never forgotten... [Read More]
Big Jay Oakerson says club owner is trying to ban him from all New York comedy clubs after altercation with unruly customers
We feel like every other story we’ve written this week has been about Big Jay Oakerson. He’s having a moment, new radio show, new special, Oddball, his podcast(s) are doing extremely well. But we musn’t forget that Oakerson is still a stand-up comedian and he’s out hitting cl... [Read More]
R.I.P. Jack Carter (1922-2015)
Before anyone else could claim to be "the pit bull of comedy," before anyone else turned anger directly into laughs, Jack Carter stood tall amongst all comers in the comedy game, ever ready with a bitter supply of hilarious one-liners and bits. Carter died over the weekend at his home in Beverly Hil... [Read More]
R.I.P. Pam Matteson
Pam Matteson, a stand-up comedian and impersonator who performed in the 1988 movie Punchline, has died after her third bout with cancer in the past decade. Matteson was 61. Born Sept. 23, 1953, the Brooklyn native made her way toward Hollywood by the early 1980s, where she scored bit parts in episod... [Read More]
Remembering Alan Shain, One of NYC’s Preeminent Open Mic Characters
The world’s largest standup comedy scene is in New York, and beyond the comedy clubs that dot the city are countless independent bar shows and open mics. The scene is so big you can go years without meeting some of the hundreds of amateur comics that hustle to mic after mic. There are so many,... [Read More]