Watch Dave Chappelle Do a Four-Hour Standup Set in 2009
by Megh Wright NYC comedy club Comic Strip Live has been posting a ton of vintage standup clips lately (see Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, and Jerry Seinfeld), and today they added a new clip that's a gold mine for Dave Chappelle fans — nearly four full hours of him doing standup and riffing wi... [Read More]
Joan Rivers official cause of death revealed, autopsy completed
Joan Rivers died at the age of 81 from low blood oxygen while undergoing a procedure on her throat, according to autopsy results released today by the New York City Medical Examiner. The official statement from the medical examiner is below. OCME has completed its investigation. The cause of Ms. Riv... [Read More]
Maybe See TV? The week in pilots, script commitments and development deals (Oct. 16, 2014)
You'll hear a lot in the trades and the trade winds from now through pilot season, which starts in earnest in January, all the way up to the cable Upfronts in the spring and the broadcast network Upfronts in May -- when TV programmers present their new and returning lineups to impress and attract ad... [Read More]
Elizabeth Peña, Modern Family actress and trailblazing performer, dies at 55
Elizabeth Peña, trailblazing comedy actress whose career spanned four decades, died Tuesday in Los Angeles at the age of 55. Recently seen on Modern Family, where she played Sofia Vergara’s character’s mother Pilar, Peña also starred on crime drama Matador (which airs on th... [Read More]
Remembering Jan Hooks
by Dennis Perrin "Phil Hartman is my hero." Jan Hooks sits next to me on a couch, nibbling a ham sandwich. We're at Michael O'Donoghue's Christmas party, listening to a live, Celtic band. "Phil can do anything. He made me better." I usually refrain from asking SNL vets about their on-air work, but I... [Read More]
Image of 'Crazy Funny': Comedy World Remembers Jan Hooks on Twitter
'Crazy Funny': Comedy World Remembers Jan Hooks on Twitter
Comedians shared their memories of Jan Hooks, who died Thursday at the age of 57. [Read More]
RIP Jan Hooks (1957-2014)
Sudden, sad news. Jan Hooks, who starred alongside one of Saturday Night Live's best casts ever from 1986-1991, has died. Hooks was 57. Her reps confirmed the news today. TMZ also reported that Hooks recently was battling with serious illness. More details are not yet available. Born April 23, 1957,... [Read More]
'SNL' Alum Jan Hooks Dies at 57
by Megh Wright Sad news: TMZ reports that Jan Hooks — a former cast member on SNL who also appeared on Designing Women, The Martin Short Show, 30 Rock, and more — died in New York City today at the age of 57. A rep confirmed that Hooks "had been battling a serious illness," though no fur... [Read More]
Maybe See TV? The week in pilots, script commitments and development deals (Oct. 9, 2014)
The Emmys may have celebrated the past year of television, and the new Fall TV series have yet to premiere, but Hollywood always keeps an eye to the future, and August still signifies the start to the following year's development cycle. You'll hear a lot in the trades and the trade winds from now th... [Read More]
My Pod Week: Week ending 9/28/14, live from the LA PodFest!
Mike Flinn (@realmikeflinn) isn't just a podcast producer and engineer; he's also an avid fan of the form. "My Pod Week" recaps and reviews the many varied comedy podcasts Flinn listened to or attended live tapings of during the previous week. Enjoy! This past weekend, Flinn took in the Los Angeles ... [Read More]