Watch “Hungry,” a documentary on competitive eating, directed by comedians Barry Rothbart and Jeff Cerulli
Whether you watched today's Nathan's International Hot Dog Eating Contest and found it ridiculous -- or refused to watch it precisely because it's ridiculous -- you're right in your right as American to feel that way. And also correct, but perhaps not for the reason you think. So instead, watch Hung... [Read More]
‘Catastrophe’ Is the RomCom We’ve Been Waiting For
A long weekend is approaching, thanks to July 4th, and my strong recommendation is that you binge watch a show about an American abandoning the country our founding revolutionaries fought so hard for, and moving back to England. You can do it in two and a half hours. When you’re done, you can ... [Read More]
Comedy Is Life and Life Is Comedy in Judd Apatow’s ‘Sick in the Head’
Judd Apatow has been interviewing comedians since he was fifteen years old. Back then, in the early 1980s, a new crop of bright young comics was rising through the ranks of the entertainment industry, capitalizing on the enormous American appetite for comedy whetted over the last several years by th... [Read More]
‘Another Period’ Tackles Too Much at Once
Another Period has a lot going on. Like, so much going on. So many things. Parodying two genres of TV about rich people — the ones on our costume soap operas, like Downton Abbey, and the real, modern ones on our celebreality or Housewives shows — it has all the twists and turns that make... [Read More]
Oh and You Were Good Too
Ryan Maglunob is a young comic with a solid first indie CD titled Oh … and You Were Good Too. Like most first comedy releases, the material covers a wide range of topics and is basically biographical. As a comic, Maglunob needs to have lived a few ... [Read More]
Owen Smith shot his 2015 stand-up special using just 10 iPhones: “Good Luck Everybody”
Owen Smith bought 10 iPhones, filmed a stand-up hour with them, and then returned the phones the next day at the Apple Store. True story. "The best iPhone comedy special of all time," according to Chris Rock in a testimonial quote on Smith's page. Also the first iPhone comedy special, as far as we k... [Read More]
The Problem with Aziz Ansari Writing a Book About Something He’s Never Done
There is a long tradition of comedians and sitcom stars writing books about relationships. Paul Reiser’s first book (of three books, Paul Reiser wrote three books!) was called Couplehood. Steve Harvey wrote Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, which is a hilarious joke book full of jokes. And a ... [Read More]
Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals Live in Brazos County Jail
"If you can laugh at yourself, you're one step closer to freedom." That's how Jeffrey Ross, aka "The Roastmaster General," describes his decision to venture into the proverbial belly of the beast and make fun of the prisoners of Brazos County in West Texas near College Station. His mission, filmed f... [Read More]
‘iZombie’s First Season is a Midseason Triumph
Let me say this: if iZombie wasn’t called iZombie, it would probably have twice as many viewers. Loosely based off of a comic book of the same name, it’s sort of saddled with that title, but if you only saw a spare promo before it premiered, you’d be forgiven in thinking it’s... [Read More]
My Big Break
Shane Mauss' My Big Break is worth every penny of your comedy dollar. There's not a bad moment and those who enjoy smart comedy that makes you think a bit will appreciate it even more. My Big Break opens with the story of Mauss breaking both his heels doing “dumb ... [Read More]