Corinne Fisher and Katie Hannigan stick “Ladies Night Comedy” to the Fringes in “The Comedienne Project”
For all of the plights that befall women who pursue stand-up comedy just getting to the stage, there's also the hurdle of overcoming stereotypes audiences have of what they're like onstage. The Comedienne Project stars stand-up comedians Katie Hannigan and Corinne Fisher, and directed by Ted Alexand... [Read More]
Here are your nominees for Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2015
With only a few days left in the scrum of August which is the Edinburgh Fringe, the panel for the Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Awards for 2015 have announced their nominees for this year's Best Show and Best Newcomer at the Fringe. And they are... Best Show 2015 Nominees James Acaster: Represent @James... [Read More]
Reviewing ‘Review’ and Reviewing Reviewing ‘Review’
Before we get to my review of Review, a quick review of reviewing Review: Reviewing Review ended up being a lot of typing, and is not nearly as enjoyable as watching Review, but it is a good chance to evangelize about a show I think is basically great. Three and a half stars. There are […] [Read More]
Tig Notaro: “Boyish Girl Interrupted” (HBO)
If you've followed any comedy at all over the past few years, then you undoubtedly know or have heard about Tig Notaro and what these years have been like for her. There's a documentary about that (on Netflix) and you could see her reference it amid jokes and a unique road trip tour with Jon Do... [Read More]
Natasha Leggero: “Live At Bimbo’s” (Comedy Central)
Natasha Leggero opens her first hour special on Comedy Central with a five-minute music video, "Diamond Pussy," in which she raps and tells an executive played by Thomas Lennon that she wanted to call her entire special, "Diamond Pussy." What would the Leggero who served as a judge on season 7 of La... [Read More]
Maz Jobrani: “I’m Not a Terrorist, But I’ve Played One On TV” (Showtime)
As far as we're led to believe Maz Jobrani warms up his own audience for his newest stand-up special, I'm Not a Terrorist, But I've Played One On TV, which premiered Friday night on Showtime. Jobrani has guest-starred on TV in the likes of True Blood and Shameless, and appeared in the short-lived cu... [Read More]
I Am Chris Farley - The Movie Network Sept 7 at 9 pm
I Am Chris Farley is a very good biomentary about the late Saturday Night Live star. It features interviews with a who's who of SNL including Mike Myers, Dan Aykroyd, David Spade, and Lorne Michaels to name a few. It also has interviews with various members of the Farley clan. ... [Read More]
The Jeff Foxworthy Show - Complete Series
The Jeff Foxworthy Show DVD set should be labeled as The Jeff Foxworthy Shows as season 1 and season 2 feature two totally different shows with different casts. This situation comedy was uneven no matter how hard the star tried to make it work but there were quite a few ... [Read More]
Gay Dude/Straight Lady Friendships Are Back in ‘Difficult People’ (and No One Mention ‘Will & Grace’)
A few years ago, my best friend, who happens to be a gay man while I am a straight lady, showed me a web video. It was about another gay man and his own straight lady friend: their bitchy comments, their vivid crassness and lack of shame, their indefensible rudeness to anyone but each other. [&helli... [Read More]
“I Am Chris Farley” shines light over the dark side of Chris Farley’s life
There’s an overwhelming sadness to the new documentary I Am Chris Farley, even though the goal of the documentary isn’t to state this. The sadness comes because we know the unfortunate outcome of this story; and even sadder because it becomes apparent very early into the flick that the c... [Read More]