Watch a Five-Minute Preview of the 'Simpsons'/'Family Guy' Crossover Episode
by Megh Wright Fox revealed the above five-minute preview of its upcoming Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode at Comic-Con yesterday, which is set to premiere as Family Guy's season premiere on September 28th. The preview is at first a pretty average meeting of the minds between the Griffins and S... [Read More]
American Degenerate
Jim Norton is back with another special, American Degenerate.  Just like his last special, Please Be Offended, this new special also premiered on the Epix streaming video service, and will soon be available in CD and MP3 format.Norton is a master of “cringe style” comedy, and Americ... [Read More]
Kathleen Madigan, Judy Gold prove a perfect double bill at Just For Laughs
MONTREAL – With the venerable Judy Gold acting as opener, Kathleen Madigan’s headlining show could really have been a double bill for outstanding, fiery comics in peak form. As arbiters of bitingly hilarious, personalized comedy, the two women have been flexing powerful comic muscles for... [Read More]
Lewis Black veers off track to great effect at Just For Laughs (Review)
MONTREAL – Lewis Black has never been one to shy away from a good vein-pulsing, temple-throbbing holler fest, and that’s exactly the type of forthright rage that keeps fans coming back for another dose of anger, one sold-out show after another. Which is why it was so surprising – a... [Read More]
Jordan Peele Plays Stan Lee in This Sneak Peek of 'Key and Peele' Season 4
by Megh Wright At Comic-Con yesterday, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele revealed one of their sketches from the upcoming fourth season of Key and Peele premiering on September 24th, which — fittingly for Comic-Con — shows Peele as Marvel's Stan Lee. They duo also revealed that they're... [Read More]
First impressions of Montreal’s New Faces, 2014: Group 2
Before welcoming Group 2 of New Faces in Montreal upon their Wednesday night debut, host Pete Holmes asked the audience: "Be gracious. Be present. Be active." Holmes might also have said be wary. For this crop of comics offered more style than substance, especially when compared to their Group ... [Read More]
First impressions of Montreal’s New Faces, 2014: Group 1
Each crop of New Faces at Montreal's Just For Laughs is special and unique. John Heffron, who hosted New Faces Group 1 on Wednesday night, told the audience that all of the big-name comedians you'd see at the festival's Galas started out years earlier as new faces. That might not be entirely true in... [Read More]
Jimmy Carr: Gagging Order, at #JFLMTL 2014
All of the shows at Montreal's Just For Laughs festival begin first with a pre-recorded announcement for audience members to check in using social media, but please, to turn off or silence the cell phones as well as their heckling mouths and enjoy the show. Jimmy Carr's stand-up performance includes... [Read More]
Jerrod Carmichael at Theatre Ste. Catherine #JFLMTL 2014
The hype surrounding stand-up comedian Jerrod Carmichael is justifiable and warranted. At 26, Carmichael is having a breakout year. A shining supporting role in Neighbors, which has earned $150 million at the American box-office since May and another $100 million globally. An HBO hourlong stand-up s... [Read More]
Chosen and Taken
Elon Gold is a multitalented comic. This is quite obvious listening to his comedy mp3 album Chosen and Taken. Though the show gets off to a rough start with a hack bit involving “a quick show of breasts” Gold quickly resets the bar at a higher, more interesting level that ...... [Read More]