Review: Gad Elmaleh (All In English) at Joe’s Pub
Gad Elmaleh is so famous in France that he performs to arena-sized audiences and gets recognized everywhere he goes. In America, not so much. So much not so that Elmaleh can joke about how his luck winning over a lady in Los Angeles turns from bad to comically so only after some Francophone tourists... [Read More]
Mary Mack: Pig Woman | album review
Few comedy albums make me wish I had been there for the recording. I really, really wish I had attended the taping of Mary Mack Pig Woman. This album is an absolute hoot. There is something really goofy and endearing about this comic that makes her material that much funnier. ...... [Read More]
‘Adam Ruins Everything’ Finds the Joy in Telling You Your Assumptions Are Wrong
Everything you thought you knew is wrong, and Adam Conover is going to tell you about it. This is the premise of Adam Ruins Everything, which premiered last night on TruTV. Based on Conover’s CollegeHumor series of the same name — ruining everything is kind of his calling card —&nb... [Read More]
I Love You, Now Shut Up
I Love You, Now Shut Up is 99% relationship material. Normally this would put off quite a few comedy fans who, like me, are rather tired of the genre. Tommy Blaze's set is simply brilliant. I have listened to this comedy album a few times for the review and am ... [Read More]
Highlights from Brian Regan LIVE on Comedy Central
Brian Regan's live stand-up performance Saturday night was a big hit to the 6,000 audience members inside Radio City Music Hall, and seemed to work out well, too, for the folks at Comedy Central, who'd never produced a live stand-up special before. Sure, the cable network has gone live every four ye... [Read More]
The National Lampoon Gets Lovingly Remembered in ‘Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead’
If you were a teen in the 90s or later, you probably associate the National Lampoon brand with sophomoric movies (Pledge This! anyone?), if indeed with anything at all. But the Lampoon’s original 70s incarnation as a smart, bitingly satirical publication is being rediscovered, with two books o... [Read More]
Benders - Thursdays 10:00 IFC - Premieres Oct 1st 2015
Benders is a new IFC sitcom which airs Thurdays at 10 on IFC. This comedy is about four guys who play in a division 8 amateur hockey league. This show is original and fun to watch so I am hoping IFC will extend it past its first 8 episode order.The ... [Read More]
In Season Two, ‘You’re the Worst’ Settles Into Its Version of Normalcy
The easiest way to explain You’re the Worst, FX’s anti-romcom romcom, which entered its second season earlier this month, would be to say that it’s a show about two awful, self-centered 30-somethings who don’t “do” relationships ending up in a relationship, united... [Read More]
An Evening With Joe DeVito
A First Date With Joe DeVito makes for a fine evening indeed. DeVito is funny, interesting, and personable. His focus on material about being forty something, being single, and relationships will please a wide audience. Though these topics are run of the mill comedy fodder, this stand-up makes what ... [Read More]
The “Real” Stephen Colbert Settles Into His ‘Late Show’
When it was announced last April that Stephen Colbert would be taking over the Late Show, I felt abandoned. I wanted this Stephen Colbert, not a different, more earnest, more human, America’s-favorite-uncle Stephen Colbert. I worried, with a lot of other people, that CBS wouldn’t let him... [Read More]