Chosen and Taken
Elon Gold is a multitalented comic. This is quite obvious listening to his comedy mp3 album Chosen and Taken. Though the show gets off to a rough start with a hack bit involving “a quick show of breasts” Gold quickly resets the bar at a higher, more interesting level that ...... [Read More]
Gateway Doug 2: Forced Fun
Doug Benson is back with his yearly album, which he, as the reigning king of stoner comics, records every April 20, or 420. My review of his two previous albums, Gateway Doug and Smug Life are linked here below.  MP3 album at AmazonGateway Doug 2: Forced Fun is, as ...... [Read More]
Watch Nathan Fielder Attempt to Be a Hip TV Host
by Megh Wright Here's a clip from last night's Nathan for You that's pretty fantastic if you like the idea of Fielder hiring a focus group to turn him into a hip, stylish, v-neck-wearing TV host then testing his new personality on last year's no-nonsense private investigator Brian Wolfe. Click thro... [Read More]
Make Me Wanna Holla
Sinbad fans will probably enjoy his latest DVD but Make Me Wanna Holla is not going to get him many new fans. Sinbad is a funny guy but a very unfocused funny guy. This means the premises take a while to develop to a punch line if they do at ... [Read More]
Image of Dave Chappelle Live Review: This Is Why He Quit
Dave Chappelle Live Review: This Is Why He Quit
It Took 10 Years, But Dave Chappelle Finally Weeded Out All of His Terrible Fans [Read More]
A Number of Bits
Alex Nussbaum's A Number of Bits is the perfect comedy album to take on a long trip. This may be an odd comment but I think an easy to listen to, audience friendly, clean, and very varied set that bears repeated listenings is the kind of mp3 I would take ... [Read More]
In 'Poking a Dead Frog', Comedians' Advice, Stories, and Neuroses Shine
by Erica Lies Nerding out on comedy just got a lot easier with Mike Sacks’ new Poking a Dead Frog: Conversations with Today’s Top Comedy Writers. In his follow up to 2009’s excellent And Here’s the Kicker, Sacks has compiled an impressively diverse list of writ... [Read More]
Melissa McCarthy's New Movie 'Tammy' Is Getting Mediocre Reviews at Best
by Megh Wright Melissa McCarthy's latest film Tammy hits theaters today, and so far critics are feeling pretty meh about the film the comedian wrote, produced, and starred in with her husband Ben Falcone onboard as co-writer and director. McCarthy has been on a steady rise to mainstream fame since h... [Read More]
Born to Jog
Wolfbot's Born to Jog is a different kind of comedy CD. Studio performances are not really my cup of tea so any review of such work must be taken with a grain of salt.Born to Jog sounds like two comics (Chris Hopkins, Jon Berahya, Josh Hand) in a studio having ... [Read More]
'They Came Together': Beating a Dead Horse with Efficiency and Spite
by Joel Arnold Made by smart, talented comedy people and starring smart, talented comedy people, They Came Together is a dumb movie. It's built on dumb ideas and executed as dumbly as possible, and that's the point. Slickly directly by David Wain and starring Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd,&nbs... [Read More]