The Great ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Is Broad and Emotionally Precise at the Same Time
In high school, or middle school, or possibly at a summer program, or maybe all of them, I had a musical theater teacher explain that in a musical, songs begin when emotions become too big, too intense to be contained in mere speech. (Mostly, I found this disappointing: I am a very bad singer.) Craz... [Read More]
Matthew McConaughey Brought His Relaxed Charm to ‘SNL’
“Welcome to the zoo; we are the monkeys.” That was the delightful way in which Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey introduced his first Saturday Night Live in 14 years, and it set the tone for the rest of the episode: silly, and a welcome distraction. Last week, SNL acknowledged the ... [Read More]
Daddy Issues
Daddy Issues by Matt Gubser is a keeper and the kind of MP3 comedy album you keep on top of your rotation. Gubser is smart, perceptive, and has a dark side. All things I like in a comic.The album opens with material about his being a single dad though he ... [Read More]
Large and In Charge
Within the following limitations, George Wallace Large and In Charge is an entertaining comedy MP3 album. One, it is the soundtrack to a video oriented performance so there is a moment at the beginning and at the end where the listener is left wondering a bit. Two, this is a ... [Read More]
‘W/ Bob & David’ Brings Back That ‘Mr. Show’ Magic, Inconsistencies and All
The first episode of W/ Bob & David, a not-quite-sequel, not-quite-reunion (continuation?) of cult favorite Mr. Show, begins with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross bounding out of a low-budget “real-time travel machine,” where they have been steadily aging, in real time, since the en... [Read More]
Elizabeth Banks Solidly Handled ‘SNL’ Hosting Duties for the First Time
Following the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday, Saturday Night Live had the task of putting on a live comedy show while the world grieves with France and tries to understand complicated and scary international political struggles. On Friday, Late Show host Stephen Colbert had to break t... [Read More]
Review: John Mulaney “The Comeback Kid” (Netflix)
As a comedian, Mulaney is much more interested in breaking down the rules of language than he is literal laws of society. Whether it’s an old boss he had while temping who claimed he was “too old to be a duckling, quack quack,” or a woman he passed on the street who exclaimed: &ldq... [Read More]
The Heart and Humanity That Makes ‘Nathan for You’ So Good
I was late discovering the brilliance of Nathan For You because I was concerned it was a mean show, in the way that prank shows are often mean: one person (the host) creates a fake reality, and convinces other people that it’s real, and then it’s revealed that they’re wrong, which ... [Read More]
‘Master of None’ Is Completely Unsubtle, and That’s What Makes It So Good
The Master of None season finale begins with Dev (Aziz Ansari) unable to decide what to have for lunch. Settling on tacos is only the beginning: tacos from where? Who has the best tacos? Which of these best tacos is the best of their best tacos? Later in a dream sequence, Dev can’t decide whet... [Read More]
Season 3 of “Inside Amy Schumer” gave us judge, jury, and butts
Inside Amy Schumer has officially been woven into the fabric that is not only pop culture, but political culture by flawlessly shining light on the hot button issues of today. Comedy more so now has become the gateway that allows us to tackle such issues reflecting back on society the truth of what ... [Read More]