Lavell Crawford: a big, hilarious man in Montclair
Last Friday, I had the pleasure of watching Lavell Crawford from front row seats at the Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, NJ. To put it lightly, he brought the house down. From the moment he took the stage, it was a rare moment the audience wasn’t laughing. There aren’t many comics who can ... [Read More]
Ryan Beck, Greg Stone, and Yamaneika Saunders slay at Sweet Wine Productions Showcase
December 11th 2014 A.D. I spent the evening at Stand Up NY for the Sweet Wine Productions Showcase. On display were 9 comics from their current roster. This next wave of comedians were ushered in by Last Comic Standing Alum Monroe Martin who took care of hosting duties for the evening. Monroe made i... [Read More]
Martin Freeman hosted “Saturday Night Live” and there was a Hobbit in The Office
When it was announced that Martin Freeman was going to host SNL we thought he’d handle the job really well. Particularly because he has an everyman-type of quality that would make him a great straight-man in sketches (and he did). Freeman delivered a great performance and we didn’t have ... [Read More]
'SNL' Review: Martin Freeman Comes Bearing Gifts
by Megh Wright While watching this weekend's SNL hosted by first-timer Martin Freeman, I couldn't help but wonder what the show's original head writer Michael O'Donoghue might have thought of an episode that turned the recently released CIA torture report into jokes about autocorrect and Time Warner... [Read More]
Review: Chris Rock’s “Top Five” easily one of the top movies ever about stand-up comedians
Chris Rock said he came up with the idea and started writing the screenplay for Top Five during idle time on the set of Grown Ups 2. If only all or even any of his other cast members could reach a similar epiphany! All comparisons to Annie Hall aside, Rock also has said Top Five is closer in spirit ... [Read More]
Steve Patterson
The title of Steve Patterson's first comedy album This Is Not Debatable is a reference to his being host of the hit CBC radio show The Debaters where two comics confront each other on a silly issue. Whether or not you will enjoy this album is something I debated for ... [Read More]
THe Kroll Show Seasons 1 and 2
Kroll Show is a Comedy Central sketch comedy show. Many such shows are more hit than miss but the majority of the sketches here are funny. This is because Nick Kroll is very good actor and comic and he has a solid supporting cast and writers. It helps that few ... [Read More]
James Franco hosted “Saturday Night Live”: addresses Sony hacks, yelled at a 4 year-old kid, and grew a guy
James Franco is an interesting guy. He does some truly weird things in the name of art and to follow his muse. He’s also, in what seems by total accident, a pretty funny guy when he’s in pretty funny moments. On the other hand, Saturday Night Live, well any sketch show really, has its up... [Read More]
'SNL' Review: James Franco Delivers in an Episode that Doesn't
by Erik Voss Let's face it: over the 40 years SNL has been on the air, the majority of its sketches have not made us laugh. For every "Cowbell," there are a dozen forgotten flat-liners you'd never see on the "Best of Will Ferrell" DVD. At best, the show can hope for a 1:1 hit rat... [Read More]
Stand-Up Revolution Season 3
Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy is back with a third season of Stand Up Revolution. On each of the 6 episodes the comic introduces two up and coming comics to the audience. Each show closes with a Hey, It's Fluffy cartoon. It makes for a fun viewing experience even if the ... [Read More]