Chris Gethard on the importance of interacting with fans of The Chris Gethard Show
The Chris Gethard Show prides itself on having as much loyalty to its fans as the fans do to the show. On last week’s live broadcast on truTV, Gethard locked himself in a clear box for a stunt in which guest Matt Walsh (Veep) had to convince fans to answer revealing questions via phone and [&h... [Read More]
Norm Macdonald Might Get to Host His Own Talk Show for Netflix
Norm Macdonald fielded questions from fans today in a Reddit AMA assisted by The Washington Post, and he dropped some pretty big news for fans of his podcast Norm Macdonald Live when asked why he seems “embarrassed” or like he hates to host the show. “I did my podcast in ... [Read More]
“Pour Yourself a Scotch and Pull Yourself Together” and Other Answers from John Cleese’s Reddit AMA
John Cleese fielded a bunch of questions from fans today in a Reddit AMA to promote his upcoming Monty Python Q&A tour, and unsurprisingly, it’s a very entertaining read. Here are just a few of Cleese’s responses from the AMA, where he stuck around to answer questions for about an ho... [Read More]
The Chris Gethard Show will livestream and interact with Reddit for special event episode
Getting on the front page of Reddit is a huge deal. Taking over Reddit for a livestream is a first! And The Chris Gethard Show will be first to attempt a live interactive TV/internet experience this Thursday in a partnership between Turner’s truTV network and Reddit. This week’s episode ... [Read More]
Alt-Right Redditors Have Tanked Amy Schumer’s Netflix Ratings for ‘The Leather Special’
Amy Schumer’s new Netflix standup special The Leather Special debuted on the streaming network last week, and if you were to believe a lot of the news headlines today, Schumer’s fans really, really, really hate it. Outlets like Decider, Yahoo, and The Wrap are reporting that Netflix view... [Read More]
Moshe Kasher wants to hear about your favorite fake news stories
Fake news experts, comedian Moshe Kasher needs your help! His new show, Problematic with Moshe Kasher, debuts soon on Comedy… MORE Moshe Kasher wants to hear about your favorite fake news stories appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
Celebrate President’s Day with these Tiny Trump Photoshop memes
Celebrate this President’s Day the best possible way: by scrolling through Photoshopped images of a tiny Donald Trump playing Big… MORE Celebrate President’s Day with these Tiny Trump Photoshop memes appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
Adult Swim’s Mike Lazzo Takes to Reddit to Defend Lack of Female Creators
Earlier this year, Adult Swim revealed their upcoming slate of TV projects, and out of the 47 creators listed on the announcement, there wasn’t a single woman in the bunch. Buzzfeed recently spoke with several women who have worked at Adult Swim for a new article titled “Adult Swim Could... [Read More]
Check Out the Short Film ‘Limbo’ Starring Jon Benjamin and Natasha Leggero
The story behind this new (NSFW!) short film Limbo starring Jon Benjamin is an interesting one: It started out as a story posted on r/WritingPrompts by a writer named Adam Spielman (check out the original post here), which eventually turned into a Kickstarter campaign by filmmakers Fangso Liu and Ha... [Read More]
Comedy Club managers answer 15 questions from aspiring comedians via Reddit
Rocky Kev is the former online manager for Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia (club pictured above). A few weeks ago, Kev took to Reddit to solicit questions from comedians in that community that he'd pass along to comedy club managers across America with whom he'd planned conversations. After ... [Read More]