Bill Cosby’s biographer on the origin story of the “Cosby Sweater”
The term "Cosby Sweater" is one of the most unlikeliest legacies to come out of the #1 TV show of the 1980s. And yet, even today, you had an image in your head of a Cosby sweater even before you saw the photo above, probably of one much similar to it. In the first major biography of Bill Cosby writt... [Read More]
Track the Average 'SNL' Cast Age with This Handy Graphic
by Megh Wright Did you know that the post-Seth Meyers SNL cast is the first to all be born after the show's premiere in 1975? Did you also know that the current cast has the youngest average age since 1986? Or that the oldest cast ever was just five years ago in 2009? You can learn these things and ... [Read More]
Peyton, Eli Manning ‘Fantasy Football Fantasy’ Rap Video Hilarious! Watch NFL Brothers Star In Sequel To ‘Football On Your Phone’ DIRECTV Commercial
Peyton and Eli Manning starred in one of the funniest (and catchiest) commercials of 2013, “Football On Your Phone.” So it’s no surprise the siblings are back with a hilarious sequel called “Fantasy Football Fantasy.” This latest Peyton and Eli Manning commercial f... [Read More]
Thank You Internet! Chris Pratt rapping ‘Forgot About Dre’ gets synced to the beat
Star Lord, aka Chris Pratt, recently went on a press tour to promote the new Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy. Fans grew to love Pratt before he had a six pack when he was the lovable goof, Andy Dwyer, on Parks and Recreation. Still the same lovable goofball, one of Pratt’s more memorable t... [Read More]
Craig Ferguson to be replaced by James Corden on “Late Late Show”
Total dark horse here. James Corden is the new replacement for Craig Ferguson as host of The Late Late Show on CBS. This news was just announced via The Wrap that the British actor will follow in the late night footsteps of Ferguson. Though Corden’s people have yet to confirm. New Yorkers migh... [Read More]
‘My Man is a Loser’ star Bryan Callen live Twitter chat with Laughspin 4 pm EST today!
My Man is a Loser, starring John Stamos, Bryan Callen, Michael Rapaport and Tika Sumpter hits theaters and will be available on Video on Demand services tomorrow, July 25! And to celebrate, Laughspin (that’s us) will be hosting a live Twitter chat with Bryan Callen.  You likely know Calle... [Read More]
Prison isn’t funny, but prison rape is? Another blistering report from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Say what you will about the legitimacy of rape jokes, but at least we all can agree that prison rape is hilarious, right ladies? Because it's not about you. It's about horrible men convicted of doing horrible things, having something horrible done to them. Cheeky bastards! John Oliver has crafted so... [Read More]
David Rees on How to Make a "How-To" Show
by Phil Davidson Fans of the 2001-2009 comic strip Get Your War On will be happy to know that David Rees, the man behind the cult classic political send-up, is back with a new project. Only this time, Rees has his sights set on ice cubes, shoelaces, and holes. Going Deep with David Rees, which premi... [Read More]
‘Can I Kick It?’ Exclusive Backstage Interview with Al Jackson, Tone Bell, Rob Christensen (Video)
Can I Kick It? has only had two outings and has already proved to be a refreshingly creative take on the commentary style comedy show. Al Jackson, Tone Bell, and Rob Christensen took the stage at the Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica to show their appreciation for old school hip hop and also t... [Read More]
Can I Kick It? Old School Hip Hop With Comedy Commentary
What do you get when you take Mystery Science Theater, mix it with The Benson Interruption and add a heaping helping of Yo! MTV Raps? You get Can I Kick It?, an intriguing new show that will have its sophomore outing at Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica on Wednesday July 2. The show grew out o... [Read More]