Where in the world is Kathy Griffin, and what is she thinking
A brand-new extensive interview with Kathy Griffin appeared today in The Hollywood Reporter, putting her on its cover as A Comic In Exile. The profile headline? “Can a Comic in Exile Come Back?” For starters, she’s not exiled. THR met her for lunch in Santa Monica and visited with ... [Read More]
Watch T.J. Miller parasail onto a barge full of dancing emojis at Cannes
If you’re feeling left out about missing this year’s Cannes Film Festival, maybe this video of T.J. Miller promoting The… MORE Watch T.J. Miller parasail onto a barge full of dancing emojis at Cannes appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
Why Is 'Anchorman 2' Being Promoted So Hard?
by Bradford Evans No comedy in movie history has ever been promoted as hard as Anchorman 2. We're still a week away from the film's release, but we're two months into a massive publicity blast featuring Will Ferrell and his costars making a slew of appearances all over the TV and internet as their c... [Read More]
Comedian Andrew Maxwell Infiltrates Area 51
America's favorite source of alien wreckage, furry monsters, and urban myths were compromised by a testy group of 12 led by one comedian [Read More]
Chris Gethard to Walk From LA to Bonnaroo, Probably Die in the Process
Chris Gethard and the group of weirdos and outcasts that participate in his cable access talk show/experiment The Chris Gethard Show love stunts, and they especially love stunts that put Chris in humiliating, dangerous or painful situations. So it's only natural that before the show sets up shop an... [Read More]
Have the comedian sent up to my room.. Edinburgh hotel offers stand-up on room service
Guests at an Edinburgh hotel can order a stand-up routine on room service this weekend. Glaswegian comic Janey Godley will deliver food and drink as well as ten minutes of gags to those who order it at the Hotel Indigo. She said: ‘I’ve done comedy acts in lots of different places but being part of a room service menu is a first for me.’ [Read More]
Mark Malkoff's 14-Hour Cab Ride Cost $468.10 | Village Voice interview
A few weeks ago, we posted on comedian Mark Malkoff and his attempt to give out free cab rides to New Yorkers. Malkoff ended up driving around in that cab for 14 hours, and he filmed the entire day. "You can imagine how long of a shower I needed," he said. In addition to regular old cab rides (one of which lasted for over an hour), Malkoff managed to sunbathe along the West Side Highway, dress people up in dinosaur outfits, fill a cab with popcorn, and stop for some Shake Shack. Runnin' Scared t... [Read More]
You can call Jonah Hill at 917-409-7838
Jonah Hill’s new movie The Sitter doesn’t hit theaters until Dec. 9, but that hasn’t stopped the flick’s marketing team to step it up to high gear. Now. Having already released the red band trailer — which we posted Aug.... [Read More]
US Comedian Mark Malkoff attempts to show that there's more to do in Holland than visit "coffee shops"
US Comedian Mark Malkoff is on a mission. After hearing a proposed Dutch law that would make it illegal for tourists to visit coffee shops in Holland, he embarked on a creative video mission: he would travel to the country and make a video series about 101 Other Things to Do In Holland. #65? Hang a painting in the Van Gogh Museum (and, apparently, visit the way cool museum restrooms). [Read More]
Roseanne Barr says she's running for President | The A.V. Club
Though America was robbed briefly of the noisy distraction of a reality television star using next year’s election to boost ratings for their show, Roseanne Barr has volunteered to step in for Donald Trump, announcing on last night’s The Jay Leno Thing that she is now running for President. Or maybe she’s just being ol’ wacky, crazy Roseanne—all outspoken and unfiltered and stuff, because she’s had it up to here with those Dumbocrats and Republi-cant’s because “they both suck and they’re both a ... [Read More]