George Carlin portrait added to The Smithsonian museum gallery wall
George Carlin today has his own space on the wall of the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, and it's because you wanted to "Recognize" him there. The Smithsonian held an online vote last month among three nominees to hang a comedian's portrait on the museum's "Recognize" wall -- Carlin, Ellen ... [Read More]
Profiles in Funny: Dan Dion’s photographs from Montreal’s Just For Laughs, 2014
Montreal's Just For Laughs festival can seem like a whirlwind, whether it's your first year or your 30th, whether you're a fan or a Gala headliner. But photographer Dan Dion managed to make time stop once again this July, thanks to his camera and the trust he has with the many performers who pose fo... [Read More]
Seth Olenick captures comedians uniquely entwined in “Funny Business” in this photo book
Todd Barry was first, in March 2007. Almost seven years and more than 230 unique, intimate portraits later, Seth Olenick's work documenting comedians and comedic actors and actresses is preserved in bound manuscript with the publication of his weighty tome of a photography book, "Funny Business." If... [Read More]
Dan Dion’s ’365 Comedian Portraits’ Project
Dan Dion, an expert photographer of comedians, is opening up his 20-year-old archive with the “365 Comedian Portraits” project. Of course, we are already well into 2013 and some images have already been revealed. Some portraits in the pro... [Read More]
Comedian Portrait-A-Day for 2013, courtesy of Dan Dion
Do you need a funny face to brighten up your days in 2013? Photographer Dan Dion is here to help. Whether you already have a calendar or not for this year, Dion has a new photo for each of the next 365 days. His Comic Portrait-A-Day kicks off this Ja... [Read More]