Vice News explores the politics of booking college comedians in 2018
In case you missed it, VICE News shipped up to Boston this spring to talk to bookers for three local colleges — Emerson, Simmons and Lesley — about how they decide which comedians to bring to campus, and what kind of expectations they lay down for the stand-ups. It also features some nic... [Read More]
What Is Considered a Fireable Comedy Offense in 2017?
The Friday before last, I noticed that my Twitter feed was suddenly really mad at Bill Maher. This wasn’t exactly anything new; he caught the ire of many people earlier this year when he had “alt-right” figure Milo Yiannopoulos on his show, and in general, courting controversy is k... [Read More]
In Defense of the Much-Maligned College Standup Gig
On December 5th, Chris Rock unveiled a promotional image for his forthcoming Total Blackout tour, his first in nearly a decade. As venues are confirmed and details finalized, it appears Rock is upholding the promise he made two years ago: no more college campuses. While promoting Top Five, Rock echo... [Read More]
Paul F. Tompkins on comedy in times of political correctness
Paul F. Tompkins recently visited the Big Think, and shared his thoughts on how political correctness influences comedy. In short, tastes change, and comedians always need to adapt to changing times. "Otherwise you're irrelevant," Tompkins said. To wit, he also said, in part: "I would say in most ca... [Read More]
Maybe Political Correctness Isn’t Ruining Comedy
The seemingly never-ending war on political correctness has felt particularly salient these past few years. For every self-righteous person on Twitter who is slightly too quick to label a relatively innocuous piece of media as problematic, there is another person out there making unambiguously offen... [Read More]
Jeselnik And Schumer Aren't Proof That Political Correctness Is Helping Comedy
Anthony Jeselnik and Amy Schumer don't illustrate that political correctness is helping comedy. My favorite comedy critic and columnist is Jason Zinoman at the New York Times. He can make anything comedy-related interesting and eye-opening — like this old piece describing the evolution of a joke. He’s a good person to follow on Twitter, too.But I did not agree with his most recent piece, “Political Correctness Isn’t Ruining Comedy. It’s Helping.” [Read More]
The New York Times thinks "Political Correctness Isn’t Ruining Comedy. It’s Helping."
"We are living in the age of the joke controversy. On the Internet, they seem to arrive with the frequency of subway trains. But despite what you might have heard, a new political correctness is not ruining the art of comedy. In some quarters, it may be helping." [Read More]
“The Joke,” a cartoon by Jim Benton
Award-winning cartoonist Jim Benton published this six-panel strip this week, "The Joke," that's really more about the audience acting as pre-emptive comedy police by heckling the stand-up comedian mid-premise...but I'm interrupting your enjoyment of the strip even by writing this. So. Take a look! ... [Read More]
Things That are More Likely to Ruin Stand-Up Comedy Than “Political Correctness”
By Will Weldon 1. Popular Youtube acts with no live performance experience getting booked on big shows 2. The marginalization of not-white performers into “specialty acts”, thus segregating important new voices away from mainstream communities that could use the infusion of newness 3. Au... [Read More]
Jerry Seinfeld thinks Political Correctness in college is hurting comedy
Jerry Seinfeld is out doing the rounds for the new season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (BTW – watch episode 1 with Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and he was interviewed by Colin Cowherd. When the topic got to the point where Chris Rock and Larry the Cable Guy recently suggested that stand-up on c... [Read More]