John Purcell Ups the Meta Game
Last week, we covered a straight mockumentary — a clearly silly premise sold as something real. This week, we’re turning our focus to a project that’s a bit more layered. From the mind of John Purcell comes a piece about…the body of John Purcell. What is on th... [Read More]
The Talented But “Undateable” Mr. Morin
My latest review for Decider is up, as I tackle the curious case of Brent Morin, whose first stand-up special's title, "I'm Brent Morin," knows that you don't know him. Even though he's the protagonist on an NBC sitcom now in its third season. If you’ve watched any episode of Undateable, you k... [Read More]
Comedy’s mirror routine over the years in TV and movies: From The Marx Brothers to The Muppets, with Bugs and Lucy in between
Kermit the Frog employs the ol' mirror routine gag -- spoiler alert! -- in a scene during the new Muppets Most Wanted movie, in cinemas nationwide today. How old is the ol' mirror routine? Thanks to Andrew Bouvé over at Slate for putting together this supercut. And even this excludes sev... [Read More]
Moviegoers felt ‘The Heat’ this weekend
In general, comedy movies have not fared well in the box office so far this year. One of the few exceptions has been Melissa McCarthy whose buddy copy movie The Heat starring alongside Sandra Bullock pulled in a cool $40M in its opening weekend. McCarthy’s other film, Identity Thief is one of ... [Read More]
Is physical comedy as good as gone?
Recently The New Yorker wrote an article on the demise of physical comedy and the rise of verbal comedy. It’s an interesting notion, given that once comedy was nothing but slapstick with nearly no words. These days,it seems an audience is far more interested than a witty remark or snarky comeb... [Read More]
The Laugh Guide: Physical Comedy
The Laugh Guide: Issue 3 – Physical Comedy The ongoing series of exploring different styles of comedy. Performers are considered to be physical comic’s any time he or she uses his/her physicality to sell the joke to the audience as it’s one of the oldest forms of humor in human culture. Falling down... [Read More]