The Dystopian ’90s Comedy That’s Disturbingly Relevant 20 Years Later
A divisive refugee crisis. Tensions between state and federal government. Racial conflicts pitting the U.S. public against each other. Citizen militias armed to the teeth. Crumbling infrastructure. A money-grubbing media scrambling for the latest sensationalist story. And, oh yeah, the President is ... [Read More]
This Newly Unearthed Phil Hartman Recording for a Fan Is Incredibly Bittersweet
Tomorrow marks 18 years since the tragic death of legendary SNL alum and actor Phil Hartman, and to honor his memory, a fan named Dave Nelson has shared a very special, never-before-heard recording that’s just another example of what made Hartman a wonderful guy. Here’s what Mike Scott, ... [Read More]
An Unexpected Gift: The 1993 Answering Machine Recordings of Phil Hartman for a Fan
Phil Hartman was "The Glue" that held together the all-time greatest cast among several generations of famous funny comedians on Saturday Night Live over the past 41 years. So Hartman's death at 49, murdered by his third wife in his sleep on May 28, 1998, brought a brilliant career so suddenly ... [Read More]
Looking Back at Martin Short’s First Prime-Time Show
Martin Short has had two different programs on TV known as The Martin Short Show: a sitcom in 1994, and a talk show in 1999 (I wrote about the sitcom a few years back). In between Martin Short Shows, Short didn’t completely disappear from television, however; in 1995, NBC aired a 90 minute ske... [Read More]
Daran Norris to Star in Phil Hartman Biopic ‘Nice Guy Phil’
SNL star and comedy legend Phil Hartman is getting the biopic treatment. According to Variety, Jason Priestley is directing a biopic on the late comedian and actor called Nice Guy Phil written by Jonas Chernick, and Daran Norris has signed on to star as Hartman. Priestley met Hartman when he hosted ... [Read More]
The Johnny Carson Comeback Special That Never Was
by Ramsey Ess On Mark Malkoff’s wonderful Carson Podcast, several guests have been asked about why they believe that when Johnny said goodbye on May 22, 1992 he never returned to television in any substantial form. Several of them say that Johnny cited Bob Hope as the inspiration behind his de... [Read More]
Maura Tierney Shares the Sweetest Phil Hartman Story Ever
by Megh Wright "I do remember one thing he said to me. Joe Rogan was being so fucking mean to me one day—and mostly we were all friends, but Joe could be a weirdo—and I was sort of upset about it, so I was just sitting over in the corner. And Phil came over and put his arm around me, and... [Read More]
Remembering Jan Hooks
by Dennis Perrin "Phil Hartman is my hero." Jan Hooks sits next to me on a couch, nibbling a ham sandwich. We're at Michael O'Donoghue's Christmas party, listening to a live, Celtic band. "Phil can do anything. He made me better." I usually refrain from asking SNL vets about their on-air work, but I... [Read More]
Phil Hartman remembered by Jack Handey, the SNL writer behind Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer and other sketches.
One day I was hanging out with some SNL writers and cast members in the 17th-floor conference room. It was shortly after the writers had won an Emmy Award for the 1988-89 season. Phil Hartman, who had been a writer as well as a cast member for the winning season, marched in... [Read More]
Jack Handey Looks Back on Working with Phil Hartman on 'SNL'
by Megh Wright "Several times since Phil's death, I've had the same dream about him: I am back in the studio, working on Saturday Night Live, and Phil is there! 'Phil,' I say, 'I thought you were dead!' It turns out that it was a mistake that Phil was dead, or that now he's some type of reanimated z... [Read More]