Revisiting ‘Xavier: Renegade Angel,’ a 21st Century Traumedy
November marked the ten-year anniversary of Adult Swim’s broadcast of Xavier: Renegade Angel, a show that spanned two ten-episode seasons and for a small, rabid viewership still represents the crowning achievement of irreverent art collective PFFR. Known for working on the sidelines to help re... [Read More]
'The Heart, She Holler' and PFFR's Insane Trilogy of Ignorance
by Daniel Kurland The production company PFFR, headlined by the infinitely unconventional Vernon Chatman, John Lee, and Alison Levy, have produced some of the most unique, challenging, (and naturally) hated programs to have graced Adult Swim, a channel already known for different, more absurd progra... [Read More]
Tim & Eric, PFFR and the Art of the Non-Interview
by Eddie Brawley At a certain point in the recent WTF episode with Tim & Eric, Maron brings up how sometimes they fuck around in interviews and do bits and stuff. He keeps asking them what their strategy is and what they’re trying to say or how they prepare for them, and it gets to a point... [Read More]
Watch Patton Oswalt and Amy Sedaris in the Trailer for 'The Heart, She Holler'
by Bradford Evans Here's the trailer for the upcoming second season of The Heart, She Holler, which premieres on Adult Swim September 10th and is probably the network's weirdest show. This year, Amy Sedaris joins the cast of the Patton Oswalt-led series, and David Cross and other fun people are app... [Read More]
Patton Oswalt's 'The Heart, She Holler' Returns Sept. 10
by Bradford Evans Adult Swim's strangest show is headed back to TV. The network announced today that season two of The Heart, She Holler will premiere Tuesday, September 10th at 12:30am. Created by PFFR's Vernon Chatman and John Lee, The Heart, She Holler stars Patton Oswalt as the long-lost, cave-d... [Read More]