'Non-stop gagster and comedy scientist': Paul O’Grady, Alan Davies and Frank Cottrell Boyce on Ken Dodd
Paul O’Grady’s family cheered him outside court. Alan Davies couldn’t get a word in over lunch. And he got Frank Cottrell Boyce by the chuckle muscle. Stars remember the brilliantly bizarre comedianIf Doddy was doing a show in Liverpool, it was always packed out. He had a fabulous ... [Read More]
Madonna’s stand-up on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: Rest in Peace, Comedy
You work your whole life trying to perfect what you do, overcoming hurdles and obstacles, wending your way through the intrinsically byzantine labyrinth of the industry surrounding your passion. Then one day, the gate keepers who purport to uphold the standards and quality to which you aspire &ndash... [Read More]
What Kind of Comedian Should You Be? A flowchart, by Paul Ogata
Before you even try to answer that question, consider this: Should you even be a comedian? I mean, as a profession. As in, dive into a career as a professional comedian. If that's your goal, then let me steer you toward professional stand-up comedian Paul Ogata (past winner of the San Francisco... [Read More]
Second City performer Paul O’Sullivan dies at 48 in car collision
Paul O’Sullivan, a well-respected Toronto actor and comedian, dies in a car accident at 47. At Second City, O’Sullivan made a mark early. “Paul was the quintessential Second City performer and writer,” said Andrew Alexander, Second City’s CEO, reached in Beverly Hills Saturday. “He was quick-witted, and fast on his feet. But there was a sweetness about him that really came through as well.” [Read More]
British Drag Comedian Paul O'Grady Detained at Miami Airport for Sounding Cuban
"I've just been to hell folks and it's called Miami airport," say British comedian Paul O'Grady who rose to fame as his drag alter ego Lily Savage. O'Grady was on his way back to Britain from a holiday in Peru, and had a stop over at Miami International Airport where he was detained for questioning. The Mirror reports that it was because custom officials thought he sounded Cuban, and thought he may be trying to illegally enter the country. [Read More]