The Painful Truth of Paul Gale Comedy
Paul Gale Comedy hasn’t come out with a new video in over a year, and that’s not surprising. Despite the channel’s grass roots success, PGC’s 25-year-old namesake had to get a job (a comedy job, making videos for HuffPo, but still). As someone who’s covered Pa... [Read More]
Where Digital Publications’ Comedy Videos Are Headed
In April of 2001, a dot com bubble baby named laid off over a thousand employees because its business model of delivering everything from ice cream to office supplies straight to your door, free of charge was…insane. A classic example of our hopes for what the In... [Read More]
This Week in Web Videos: ‘Too Full To Fuck’
Each year, the holidays bring with them a few constants: forced conversation, racist uncles, and a smattering of infectious parody songs. As we’re all just one day away from having the first two tenets of Turkey Day thrust upon us, we thought it wise to provide you all with your third. From Sp... [Read More]
This Week in Web Videos: 'The Truth About Meeting a Woman'
by Luke Kelly-Clyne Sorry PewDiePie, but I prefer Paul Gale. Against a tidal wave of pre-teens clamoring for daily web cam soliloquies, I prefer the YouTuber who not only has the courage to make traditional entertainment in a cutting edge space, but also the skill and, even more than that, the conce... [Read More]
This Week in Web Videos: Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong
by Luke Kelly-Clyne Since yesterday afternoon, the Internet has been alight with Paul Gale. Every viral video round up you can find features the YouTube impresario's newest joint: "Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong," and, TBH, all the hype kind of made me want to ignore it. Not because it's not ... [Read More]