The Bodyguard: Punjab Resigns as Head of Warbucks Security Detail, by Patricia Grant
Dear Daddy Warbucks, Please excuse the tear-stained condition of this letter. Contrary to my stoic exterior, I, Punjab, am an emotional man. I have been unable to remain composed as I write these painful words. After many days of contemplative levitation, I have decided to step down from my post as ... [Read More]
Dear State of California: Please Approve My Application for Paid Family Leave as My Husband Elvis Is Now a Disembodied Head, by Patricia Grant
Dear State of California, This is a personal statement to accompany my application for Paid Family Leave. Please understand, my husband is in need of round-the-clock care due to his severe disability. I have made peace with the fact that he is now without trunk and limbs and I no longer mourn the ma... [Read More]