Immediately My Thing: A Conversation with Paige Weldon
One of the best things about living in Los Angeles besides the weather and the crippling self-doubt is watching comics grow as comics, constantly out-producing their previous impressive efforts, and rightly reaping the accompanying accolades. It has been a real pleasure to watch Paige Weldon over th... [Read More]
An Excerpt from ‘The Drama Sutra,’ by Paige Weldon
Here’s a look at The Drama Sutra, a new zine out this week from The Devastator, written and illustrated by comedian, Reductress contributor, and The Higgs Weldon founder Paige Weldon. You can get it here.   The Humor Section features a piece of original humor writing each week. To submit ... [Read More]
Jonah Ray announces launch of new record label, Literally Figurative Records
Today, comedian Jonah Ray announced via Tumblr that he is launching a new comedy/music record label. According to Ray, his new label, Literally Figurative Records, will be launched via AST records and Ryan McManenim and Matt Belknap (who’s own label Ray had previously released an album under).... [Read More]