Jeselnik And Schumer Aren't Proof That Political Correctness Is Helping Comedy
Anthony Jeselnik and Amy Schumer don't illustrate that political correctness is helping comedy. My favorite comedy critic and columnist is Jason Zinoman at the New York Times. He can make anything comedy-related interesting and eye-opening — like this old piece describing the evolution of a joke. He’s a good person to follow on Twitter, too.But I did not agree with his most recent piece, “Political Correctness Isn’t Ruining Comedy. It’s Helping.” [Read More]
The New York Times thinks "Political Correctness Isn’t Ruining Comedy. It’s Helping."
"We are living in the age of the joke controversy. On the Internet, they seem to arrive with the frequency of subway trains. But despite what you might have heard, a new political correctness is not ruining the art of comedy. In some quarters, it may be helping." [Read More]
What All Writers Can Learn From Mitch Hedberg
Mitch Hedberg’s widow, Lynn Shawcroft, released pages from his notebooks in 2013. He always carried a notebook. He once lost a notebook and offered a handful of money to a college kid to get it back. This was a man who was on the road 300 nights a year. With an audience who would yell out the punchlines of his jokes before he finished them, Mitch had to constantly write to stay ahead of the crowd. I learned a lot from Mitch. Here are just three of his lessons. [Read More]
Jim Jefferies makes it clear how he feels about gun control in the US
One of the last free speech and widely accepted soapboxes on earth is stand-up comedy and there comes a time when discussion occurs because the automatic defense mechanisms are powered down through comedy. It allows us to take a step back and not be so defensive by getting caught up in harsh stances... [Read More]
What’s happening with Laughspin?
Oh, hey. You may have noticed we haven’t really been updating Laughspin in any consistent or meaningful way since June. Sure, we posted Dana Gould’s brilliant keynote address from the latest installment of the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal. But, really, that was about it. Some of ... [Read More]
Dana Gould Just For Laughs Keynote Address (Full audio)
MONTREAL — Dana Gould, veteran comedian, comedy writer and all-around massively respected artist, delivered the annual keynote address here at Just For Laughs today. Below is the complete, unedited audio. Enjoy! [Read More]
Comedians, Clubs, or Crowds: Who’s responsible for your safety at comedy shows?
Seattle hasn’t been known for its bat slingers since Ken Griffey Jr, but that changed earlier this year when comedian Dylan Avila was attacked onstage by a man wielding a bat inflicting multiple skull fractures. The question of safety has started to arise as other violent incidents have surfac... [Read More]
Comedian and Activist Ted Alexandro’s essay: Challenging White Supremacy
Ted Alexandro is a stand-up comedian and activist from New York City. He has appeared on most late night talk shows and has had his own half hour specials on Comedy Central. Alexandro is a Queens, New York native, majored in music with a concentration in jazz piano. He later obtained a Masters in el... [Read More]
opinion: What did heckling ever do for comedy? – Lary Wallace
Does heckling let the real comedian stand up and shine, or does it trample a punchline and mangle a routine? [Read More]
Stephen Colbert adjusts the Colbeard for Late Show (Video)
David Letterman and his Late Show are off the air. The famed Late Show with David Letterman sign that hung over Broadway for over twenty years is gone. The dawn of Stephen Colbert (Round 2) is upon us. CBS launched the website, iOS app and social media accounts for Late Show with Stephen Colbert on ... [Read More]