Last Comic Standing 9: The Showdowns, from Top 10 to Top 5
Why was 6 afraid of 7? You know the joke: Because 7 8 9! Say it aloud. Spell it if you have to. But here we are, in episode seven of a short-order of eight episodes for season nine of NBC's Last Comic Standing, and we're cutting the field of stand-up comedian contestants from 10 […] [Read More]
The 20 Best Underrated Standup Specials You May Have Missed
Now more than ever, it’s easy to miss a great standup special. Despite social media’s role as the new word-of-mouth, there are specials languishing in copyright hell, specials that never got a proper home-video (or online) release, and specials that just plain got trampled by the stamped... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing 9: The Semifinals (Part Two)
We're in the homestretch of episodes that don't have nearly enough time to showcase 21 stand-up comedians in 44 minutes, as this is the second and final semifinal of season nine of NBC's Last Comic Standing. A quick pan across the green room and there's Andi Smith revealing to us she didn't even pac... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing 9: Semifinals (Part One)
We've reached the semifinal stages of Last Comic Standing, which means we have only a couple of hours to get the field of stand-up comedians narrowed down from 41 to our 10 finalists for Season 9. Actually, we only have this hour to cut 15 from 20 to make up the first five finalists for […] [Read More]
Norm Macdonald Is Colonel Sanders, as KFC Campaign Quickly Gets Meta | Adweek
Back in May, Darrell Hammond played a reverent but tongue-in-cheek version of KFC's Colonel Sanders. The campaign has become even more ambitious and meta by replacing Hammond with Norm Macdonald, who claims that Hammond was an imposter in several new ads.... [Read More]
KFC replaces Darrell Hammond with Norm Macdonald as Colonel Sanders in new commercials
Just a few months after Kentucky Fried Chicken revived its famous founding father, Colonel Sanders, via Saturday Night Live's Darrell Hammond, the fast-food chicken giant has pulled a switcheroo, swapping Hammond for his former SNL colleague, Norm Macdonald. “Other than not quite looking like ... [Read More]
Norm Macdonald takes over for Darrell Hammond as Colonel Sanders in KFC ads
Norm Macdonald has officially taken over for Darrell Hammond in the role of Colonel Sanders for KFC. Now Norm isn’t one to take corporate sponsorship with any sincerity which clearly is the case in his performance of the now iconic fast food brand character. But with the attitude and idea behi... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing 9: The Invitationals, Part Four (of Four)
"It's the rip-roaring conclusion of the Invitationals." Slow down, voiceover man. "So quit your incessant yapping..." You said it! Now stop saying it! Quit your yapping and let's hear some joke-telling! But not before we hear that primal yelp from Roseanne Barr, one of our judges on Last Comic ... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing, Season 9: Invitationals, Part Two
For its second week of Invitationals action, Last Comic Standing headed straight to the jokes. No time for build-up. No time for filler. We've got dozens of comedians to sorta see and show you enough of them to want to see more of at least some of them later this summer! Which means far less banter,... [Read More]