Shakespeare Taught Tim Allen That Acting Is Just “Really Advanced Lying”
Here’s a clip from Tim Allen’s visit to last night’s Tonight Show, where he looks back on preparing for his very first TV acting gig on Home Improvement through some mandatory Shakespearian acting that taught him the most important acting lesson of all: “Oh, I get it. I get i... [Read More]
Matthew McConaughey Brought His Relaxed Charm to ‘SNL’
“Welcome to the zoo; we are the monkeys.” That was the delightful way in which Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey introduced his first Saturday Night Live in 14 years, and it set the tone for the rest of the episode: silly, and a welcome distraction. Last week, SNL acknowledged the ... [Read More]
Aziz Ansari Visits ‘The Tonight Show’ as Bobby Jindal to Talk About What’s Next for Him
News broke this week that Bobby Jindal has suspended his presidential campaign, so during last night’s Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon welcomed Jindal (played perfectly by Aziz Ansari) on the show to talk about why he dropped out of the race and what exciting new projects are next for him. “W... [Read More]
John Mulaney Is Afraid of the Serial Killer Coyotes in His Backyard
During his visit to last night’s Late Night, John Mulaney shared some good news and some bad news. The good news: He and his wife recently bought a house, so they finally have a home to call their own. The bad news: The backyard of their new house is currently home to three coyotes who [&helli... [Read More]
Matthew McConaughey and Kate McKinnon Call Some Fans in This Week’s ‘SNL’ Promos
Matthew McConaughey hosts SNL this week for the first time since 2003, and NBC just released the promo reel featuring McConaughey alongside cast member Kate McKinnon. The two make some calls to SNL fans, and later, when McConaughey admits he’s nervous, McKinnon gets him to do his Wolf of Wall ... [Read More]
The Night Siskel and Ebert Took Over ‘SNL’
Despite the show’s title and producer Lorne Michaels’ decades-long commitment to putting live comedy on network television, Saturday Night Live has always featured plenty of carefully edited, pre-recorded content between sketches. Even during those storied first few years of John and Che... [Read More]
Johnny Knoxville Is Producing a ‘Hawaiian Dick’ TV Adaptation for NBC
NBC has put a new comedy into development from executive producer Johnny Knoxville. According to Variety, the network is working on an hourlong series based on the Hawaiian Dick graphic novels by B. Clay Moore and Steven Griffin. Written by Paul Lovett and David Elliott (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra)... [Read More]
Ryan Gosling, Chris Hemsworth, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler Host ‘SNL’s December Shows
Saturday Night Live just announced its hosts and musical guests for next month, and it’s a pretty fantastic lineup. Starting on December 5th, Ryan Gosling will host with musical guest Leon Bridges, while Chris Hemworth will follow on the 12th with musical guest Chance the Rapper. For SNL&rsquo... [Read More]
Kanye West Gave Seth Rogen a Private Sneak Peek of His Next Album
Here’s a clip from Seth Rogen’s visit to last night’s Late Night, where he told Seth Meyers about meeting Kanye West not long after he made this music video with James Franco, and Kanye invited him to his van for a private performance of his next album. “We were in there for ... [Read More]
See some of Seeso in a monthlong beta sneak peek in December 2015
Seeso, the new ad-free pay comedy streaming service set to launch in January 2016, will offer a web-only sneak peek in beta mode for December 2015. Free beta mode previews of Seeso are first-come, first-served, so get on it if you want to get down on it! When the streaming platform goes live next ye... [Read More]