Amy Adams Is Not Subtle About Her Love of One Direction in These 'SNL' Promos
by Adam Frucci Here's the latest set of promos for this weekend's SNL, featuring Amy Adams doing as good a job as can be expected of not freaking out and being creepy towards One Direction. OK, maybe she's a little creepy. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Greg Warren on Late Night with Seth Meyers
At 46, Greg Warren is behind the curve in certain respects. No disrespect to the institutions of marriage and parenthood. With all due respect. It's just maybe Warren isn't as behind as you think he is. As he explained in this stand-up performance on Thursday's Late Night with Seth Meyers. Roll the ... [Read More]
Nick Offerman Talks About Wrapping Up 'Parks and Rec', Filling His Pants with 'the Saddest Oatmeal'
by Adam Frucci Nick Offerman was on The Tonight Show last night, and he talked with Fallon about the final day of shooting Parks and Rec. It sounds like it was pretty sad, but at least he and Aziz were able to weasel their way into having one last line. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Seth Meyers Tells the Sony Hackers to "Bring It On"
by Adam Frucci Last night, Seth Meyers took a bold stand against North Korea or whoever hacked Sony Pictures, causing them to cancel the release of The Interview. A bold stance, but seemingly not one that NBC is fully behind. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Parks and Recreation final season starts Jan. 13 so let’s watch this teaser and cry (Video)
Comedy fans will rejoice on Tuesday, Jan. 13 when Parks and Recreation returns for an all new season. Those same fans, however, will be engaged in bittersweet observance every week as Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza, Aziz Ansari and co. say goodbye to the NBC sitcom. It’s... [Read More]
Watch the first trailer for the final season of ‘Parks and Recreation’
One of the greatest comedies on TV will be bowing out with it’s final season this winter. NBC’s Parks and Recreation will run it’s seventh season over two months, doubling up on episodes each Tuesday, starting January 13th. NBC released the first trailer for the final season today,... [Read More]
Here's the First Trailer for 'Parks and Rec's Final Season
by Megh Wright Parks and Recreation returns to NBC for its seventh and final season on January 13th, and the network released the first trailer today featuring the Pawnee gang in the year 2017. Apparently in only two years we'll be overtaken by drones and the undeniable charm of Johnny Karate. 0 Co... [Read More]
Amy Adams and Taran Killam get into the holiday spirit with these new “Saturday Night Live” promos
This weekend Saturday Night Live’s final episode of 2014 will air and we have Amy Adams in the host seat with those adorable Brits One Direction holding down musical guest spots. The last ep is always a fun one because its usually chock full of great cameos and alums as SNL goes strongly into ... [Read More]
James Corden and Seth Meyers Talk All Things Late Night
by Megh Wright Here's a clip from James Corden's visit to last night's Late Night, where he and Meyers chat about being future late night competitors and how Meyers was the very first person to call him after the big announcement. Corden's turn at Late Late Show begins March 23rd with band leader Re... [Read More]
Amy Adams and Taran Killam Get Into the Holiday Spirit in These 'SNL' Promos
by Megh Wright SNL's final episode of 2014 airs this weekend with host Amy Adams and musical guest One Direction, and NBC released the first round of promos featuring Adams and Taran Killam catching some holiday spirit thanks to some imaginary snow and the Rockefeller Christmas tree. 0 Comments... [Read More]