Tape Face’s first live performance on America’s Got Talent 2016
For Tape Face's first performance as one of the final 36 contestants on the live editions of America's Got Talent 2016, the British mime managed to convince both judge Heidi Klum and host Nick Cannon to join him onstage within a four-minute performance that included two main gags. Both tied to movie... [Read More]
Lori Mae Hernandez’s performance on the first live show of America’s Got Talent 2016
The 2016 season of America's Got Talent began its live show elimination competitions on Tuesday night, and two of the three remaining comedy acts among the final 36 performed tonight. Lori Mae Hernandez, all of 13, came out of the gates, and after acknowledging she was on the stage in Los Angeles wh... [Read More]
Leslie Jones Says She Isn’t Leaving Twitter Anytime Soon on ‘Late Night’
Leslie Jones should’ve had a great, carefree week celebrating Ghostbusters, but unfortunately it hasn’t been that fun. After constantly getting bombarded on Twitter with hateful, racist, misogynistic tweets, Jones decided enough was enough and began sharing the vile messages with her fol... [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon owed money to The Groundlings when he got hired on Saturday Night Live
Mike Birbiglia says that his new movie about an improv group, Don't Think Twice, uses plenty of real-life influences and anecdotes. Jimmy Fallon's life isn't among them, although Fallon shared a funny note about what happened when he himself got the call from Saturday Night Live -- when Fallon calle... [Read More]
Nicole Richie Joins Tracey Wigfield’s NBC Comedy ‘Great News’
Tracey Wigfield’s NBC series Great News has recast one of its leading roles. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nicole Richie has joined the project, which NBC ordered to series in May. Great News follows “a mother-daughter relationship that is challenged when an overly involved New Je... [Read More]
Kate McKinnon Stopped by ‘Weekend Update at the RNC’ as Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Weekend Update aired its first live convention special at the RNC last night, and after some commentary on the celebrity and politician speakers and a segment where Michael Che tries to find “rare minorities” with the hot new game Trumpémon GO, the anchors were joined by very spec... [Read More]
SNL’s Weekend Update live on MSNBC from the 2016 Republican National Convention
Saturday Night Live sent its Weekend Update team of Michael Che and Colin Jost out to Cleveland to help MSNBC's coverage of the 2016 Republican National Convention with a special live midnight edition of their newsy joke segment tonight. But Kate McKinnon made an appearance, too, and quickly reasser... [Read More]
6-year-old Nathan Bockstahler’s “Judge Cuts” performance on America’s Got Talent 2016
In case you forgot, this 11th season of America's Got Talent on NBC features a 6-year-old stand-up comedian in California kid Nathan Bockstahler. For his callback audition during the "Judge Cuts" round on Wednesday night's episode, Bockstahler certainly didn't forget his 70 seconds of hot jokes abou... [Read More]
Tape Face’s “Judge Cuts” performance on America’s Got Talent 2016
Tape Face returned to impress the judges on America's Got Talent, and even get one of them -- Howie Mandel -- into the act. You'll be seeing but not hearing more of Tape Face later this summer in the live episodes coming to NBC. Roll the clip! [Read More]