'SNL' Review: A New Hope with Chris Pratt
by Erik Voss The seasons have certainly changed at Saturday Night Live. The show's 40th season began with an episode that hardly resembled a season premiere, with little pomp or circumstance over SNL's impressive four-decade lifespan, and in its place a straightforward night of comedy... [Read More]
Chris Pratt hosted “Saturday Night Live:” Crotch shots for everyone!
Season 40 of Saturday Night Live is upon us. With it comes a revamped look and feel of the show, some new faces are up, some old ones are gone and we’re excited to see how it all shakes out for Lorne Michaels and the crew. Host Chris Pratt was the first to test out […] Chris Pratt hoste... [Read More]
Saturday Night Live season 40 premiere live blog: Chris Pratt hosts, Ariana Grande sings
After weeks of announced personnel changes, anticipation and predictions, the historic 40th season of Saturday Night Live is finally upon us. And comedy fans, myself included, is expecting a lot from SNL this year. I can’t remember a time in my entire life when so many horribly tragic and dist... [Read More]
Inside the Confusing Origins of David Letterman's Top Ten List
by Brian Abrams The following excerpt reprinted with permission from Brian Abrams's new book AND NOW…An Oral History of "Late Night with David Letterman," 1982-1983, which is currently available to purchase at Amazon Kindle Singles. By the summer of 1985, head writer Steve O’Donnell was... [Read More]
Chelsea Peretti on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' Writing for 'SNL,' and Her New Netflix Special
by Phil Davidson As an early adopter and prolific user of Twitter, Emojis, Instagram, you name it, actress and standup comedian Chelsea Peretti is somewhat of an authority on all things social media. So when she says it’s time to move away from our internet-obsessed culture and get back to the... [Read More]
Roy Wood Jr. on Late Night with Seth Meyers
Roy Wood Jr. was looking good Thursday night on Late Night with Seth Meyers! "I lost five pounds," Wood said, "in 12 years." Dieting is a good idea, if only the people who came up with diets and diet products were upfront with us about the costs of it all. But Wood joked he has to lose weight becaus... [Read More]
Andy Samberg Tells Seth Meyers About His Never Aired 'SNL' Characters
by Megh Wright Here's a clip from Andy Samberg's visit to the Late Night desk last night, where he and Meyers talk about the new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine as well as two of Samberg's SNL characters named Gerald and Gerard who never made it past the read-through table. Watch more from the intervie... [Read More]
'SNL' Co-Head Writer Bryan Tucker Reflects on Working with Kenan Thompson
by Megh Wright "We trust his instincts implicitly. He's been doing TV and movies almost every week since he was 15 years old … He has the same ease in front of a camera that most of us do when driving a car. It's why he's the guy who sits next to the host when we read all of that week's sketc... [Read More]
Kenan Thompson on the Rumor He's Leaving 'SNL': "You Don't Have to Worry About Stuff Like That"
by Megh Wright Longtime SNL cast member Kenan Thompson made a brief appearance on this morning's Today show, where he was asked about the recent rumors that he'll be leaving the NBC sketch show at the end of this season and offered a vague response: "You don't have to worry about that stuf... [Read More]
Maybe See TV? The week in pilots, script commitments and development deals (Sept. 25, 2014)
You'll hear a lot in the trades and the trade winds from now through pilot season, which starts in earnest in January, all the way up to the cable Upfronts in the spring and the broadcast network Upfronts in May -- when TV programmers present their new and returning lineups to impress and attract ad... [Read More]