Mitch Fatel’s third album, ‘Public Display of Peversion,’ lives up to its name (review)
Introduced as the most requested comedian on SiriusXM, Mitch Fatel is one of the most hilarious comedians out right now. Every one of his shows is focused on sex and it’s easy to see why people request to hear his comedy so often. With one of the most unique voices in the stand-up world, it [.... [Read More]
‘Public Display of Perversion’: Mitch Fatel Loves Many Things (review)
Mitch Fatel’s CD ‘Public Display of Perversion‘ had me laughing from beginning to end (and I mean it). Mitch has taken the natural tone and speed of his voice and slowed them down to create a persona that lures you in…and keeps you there. [Read More]
Mitch Fatel: Public Display of Perversion (review)
Mitch Fatel likes sex. A lot. In fact, every one of the 13 tracks on his third album, Public Display of Perversion, is to one degree or another grounded in some sexual theme. There’s nothing inherently wrong with rooting an entire album in sexual discourse (Amy Schumer did so to great success), but ... [Read More]
Mitch Fatel returns with the perversion on March 12th, listen to a track now!
Please view with IFRAME compatible browser We love to talk about sensitive topics and important social issues thus why we are excited to learn that Mitch Fatel’s new comedy album Public Display of Perversion will be released on March 12th. This will be his first new stand-up comedy album since 2007&... [Read More]
Watch comedian Mitch Fatel seriously propose a wife swap with Eli Manning or Aaron Rodgers
If you’re at all familiar with the comedy of Mitch Fatel, you know that he’s a complete perv (aka an honest dude). Well, he and his amazingly attractive fiance Jessica are swingers, for real, as he explains in this CNN Comedy video below.... [Read More]
Comedian Mitch Fatel’s “Bad Lay” comes alive in new animation
Way back in September we posted the premiere web episode of comedian Steve Hofstetter and Rob Gleeson’s new series, Animated Revolution, wherein stand-up comedy audio is placed under some sweet animation. Comedian Ted Alexandro appeared as a wa... [Read More]
Mitch Fatel - women are magical! | Sacramento Comedy interview
When Mitch Fatel was growing up, it seemed that there were only two things he wanted to do: explore the magic of women and make people laugh. He seems to be doing just fine on both counts! [Read More]
Mitch Fatel is Magical DVD Review |
Mitch Fatel thinks sex is funny. I don't believe that he thinks only sex is funny, but you not be similarly convinced after watching his new stand-up special Mitch Fatel is Magical. It's an hour-plus of Fatel riffing on sex -- his experiences, the experiences he wishes he'd had, his observations about women and so on and so on. [Read More]
Mitch Fatel loves penguins | RooftopComedy interview
Just got off the phone with Mitch, who's all fired up for tonight's premiere of his Comedy Central special, "Mitch Fatel is Magical" and, to be honest, we're super excited, too. Mitch made us an exclusive video in anticipation of tonight's premiere, and is generally one of the nicest people in the business. That may have been a secret. Oops. Ladies, don't let that deter you. He's still a tiger in the sack. [Read More]
"Mitch Fatel is the muffin man." | Zoiks! Online interview
"I just love being creative. Whether it's writing an article for Playboy, answering interview questions, writing a sitcom or a Tonight Show correspondence piece, anything that involves creating something that wasn't there a few moments ago, I embrace." This is what Mitch Fatel, comedian and all around good guy, says about whatever it is he's doing. Zoiks! Online had the chance to sit down with him for a quick Q&A. [Read More]