An Excerpt from ‘TITLE 13,’ by Michael A. Ferro
Thirty-seven pages of highly classified TITLE 13 material were reported missing at the Chicago Regional Census Center on Wednesday morning. At five p.m. on Tuesday, after the employees of the Windy City’s RCC had packed their sensitive data into large, regulated heavyweight folders and filed t... [Read More]
A Pairing Menu for Works of Postmodern Literature and Appropriate Beverages, by Michael A. Ferro
The paranoia-inducing The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon is best paired with a room temperature watermelon wine cooler, which should be preceded by licking two hits of LSD off an official United States Post Office stamp (or a Trystero stamp, if you can find one). Don DeLillo’s breakout nov... [Read More]
15 Rules to Follow While You Are Inside My Time Machine, by Michael A. Ferro
1. Never ever roll down the window and stick your head out like a dog. There will be thousands of antique clocks spinning around within the space-time wormhole and any one of them is liable to take your head off. 2. Whatever you do, don’t just start randomly pushing buttons, no matte... [Read More]