Bob Saget
A lot of comedians do scatological material; none employ it with quite the same childlike glee as Bob Saget. He makes the connection early on in his memoir, Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian. Saget’s father, it turns out, was also a fan of juvenile humor. It&rs... [Read More]
Cary Elwes Is Writing a Memoir About 'The Princess Bride'
by Elise Czajkowski Cary Elwes, who starred as Westley in the classic 1987 comedy The Princess Bride, is writing a memoir about the film. The Associated Press reports that Elwes has signed a deal with Simon & Schuster imprint Touchstone to pen a memoir entitled As You Wi... [Read More]
Artie Lange's Memoir Will Discuss Suicide Attempt, Substance Abuse Issues
by Elise Czajkowski Comic and radio host Artie Lange's new memoir, Crash and Burn, will be released on October 29, and it will discuss his 2010 suicide attempt as well as his addictions to heroin and alcohol. The former Howard Stern sidekick's first book, 2008's Too Fast to Fish, was a New York... [Read More]
Marc Maron on putting his life on camera (IFC’s Maron) and in memoir (“Attempting Normal”)
"Are you good?" Marc Maron asks the question sincerely after I enter his hotel room in Midtown Manhattan, catching the comedian amid a day full of back-to-back phone interviews with the media. Not "Are we good?" nor the colloquial "We good?" that has... [Read More]
Image of Author delves into standup comedy, lives to write about it
Author delves into standup comedy, lives to write about it
After being fired by her agent for writing a crappy book, self-confessed “praise junkie” Mara Altman realizes her dreams of literary celebrity are, let’s say, premature. So she turns boldly, somewhat crazily, to standup comedy. [Read More]
Marc Maron will release his memoir, “Attempting Normal” on April 30th
Marc Maron is a very busy man these days and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. On April 30th he will release a new memoir, Attempting Normal. It’s not the comedian’s first foray into book writing, he released a book back in 2001 called Jerusalem Syndrome which was an adaptatio... [Read More]
Book review: Sara Benincasa’s ‘Agorafabulous!’
Creating laughter is, of course, a comedian’s first goal. And for consumers of comedy, just laughing as a response to the action on stage or on screen or in a book is perfectly ok— that is, for the casual comedy observer. But for many of us a bit mor... [Read More]
SNL’s Darrell Hammond reveals his dark past: child abuse, addictions
"I didn't want to let Lorne down." That's Darrell Hammond, the longest-tenured member ever on Saturday Night Live, telling CNN in a new interview about how he answered the call of SNL's Lorne Michaels to perform his celebrity and political impersonat... [Read More]