John Oliver Explains the US’s Conflicting Federal and State Marijuana Laws on ‘Last Week Tonight’
Here’s a clip from last night’s Last Week Tonight, where John Oliver takes a closer look at how, thanks to the Controlled Substances Act and conflicting state and federal marijuana laws, even the most seemingly legal marijuana user is at risk of getting in legal trouble — plus how ... [Read More]
Roseanne Barr reveals that she’s going blind, smoking weed, and may run again for President in 2016
Comedian, actress and TV star Roseanne Barr has revealed that she is suffering from glaucoma and macular degeneration and is slowing going blind. The outspoken, Emmy award-winning star of the 1990s hit comedy show Roseanne and former US presidential candidate told the Daily Beast that her vision &ld... [Read More]
Lucas Brothers talk Friends of the People, marijuana, importance of Urkel (Laughspin interview)
If the Lucas Brothers look familiar, it’s probably because you saw their hilarious cameo in 22 Jump Street, or their animated series, Lucas Bros Moving Co. Season 2 starts in 2015 (!!). But the brothers have a lot more in store for the comedy world. Starting tonight, you can see Keith and Kenn... [Read More]
Reporter Quits On-Air To Fight For Marijuana Legalization! Video Shows Charlo Greene Of KTVA Resigning After Revealing She Owns Alaska Cannabis Club
An reporter for KTVA-TV in Alaska quit her job on-air in epic fashion Sunday night. Charlo Greene announced she was leaving the show after airing a segment about a local cannabis club. Turns out, Greene is the owner of said club, and she decided to resign and focus her energies on legalizing recrea... [Read More]
How the Legal Marijuana Industry Is Helping Grow Denver's Comedy Scene
by Josiah Hesse Comedians like Doug Benson and Stephen Colbert have been getting a lot of joke-mileage out of Colorado’s legalization of marijuana last January. Though after Maureen Dowd wrote about being “curled up in a hallucinatory state for eight hours” in a Denver hotel room a... [Read More]
Doug Benson is a ‘Gateway Doug’ on July 9th
Comedian and professional marijuana smoker Doug Benson will release his next stand-up album, Gateway Doug on July 9th via AST Records. As is his tradition with his last 6 albums, Benson recorded the album on the stoner holiday of 4/20. If you aren’t familiar with Doug Benson, he’s been i... [Read More]
Where it’s always 4:20: Watching “The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled” with Doug Benson’s commentary
At a screening earlier this month of The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled at the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival, and elsewhere, Doug Benson readily concedes that he had wanted to follow up to The High Road -- a 2009 road documentary for G4 that he'd hope... [Read More]
Vince Martin: Live From the Middle
There aren’t a lot of politically conservative voices on the comedy circuit today. Any experienced consumer of stand-up comedy will tell you this. And while Vince Martin declares that both Democrats and Republicans are “full of shit”, this small town... [Read More]